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Western Civilization before the 30 years war week 7 student

Respond to Dania---The focus my forum is Vasco da Gama. I believe Vasco da Gama’s motivation was greed and glory. Glory was however his primary motivation. According to Pavlac, Portugal long sought a way to get to the Indies without having to take routes where they had to pay fees to get through. (p212). Undoubtedly any person who would make the dream a reality would gain fame and glory, and this is the first reason why I believe glory to be one of the motivations behind Vasco da Gama’s voyages. Diaz got just past the Cape of Good Hope and got Glory; Da Gama sought to get further and go all the way, if he became successful he would also have glory and be more famous than Diaz. Da Gama’s actions after his first successful voyage showed that his true motivation was Glory.  After returning from his first voyage the goods Da Gama brought back paid for his voyage 30 times over which meant that he greatly profited. To get what he brought back it took very little to get all the goods he brought back as Pavlac remarks that Da Gama had very little to trade with. (p.212).  This means that Da Gama could have easily paid for another voyage and bring with him more valuable items to trade and return with even more goods and make greater profits. If Da Gama’s primary motivation was greed it would have been easy to make more money but Gama did not just want to make more money. On his second voyage he took with him the means to plunder, destroy and overtake the locals; this was not done for money, it was done for glory. What Da Gama did on his second voyage guaranteed that he would be known, and others followed him.   References Pavlac, Brian Alexander. A Concise Survey of Western Civilization: Supremacies and Diversities throughout History. Second edition, Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2015. A Concise Survey of Western Civilization--------- Respond to Kalib------------Class, For this week's forum, I'm going to answer question four and explain to what extent the Columbian Exchange was truly an "exchange." By definition, the events labeled as the Columbian Exchange were partially an "exchange" but mostly a conquest of the Europeans over the American natives. The expansion of European settlers into the Americas was rather violent and one-sided as much of the natives could not organize a strong enough military resistance to fight off the foreign invaders. While Columbus and other European settlers were kidnapping, enslaving, and killing natives to gain control of the vast amounts of land in the Americas, they brought with them goods such as "cattle, pigs, chickens, sugarcane, coffee, rice, bananas, and honey" and learned about "peanuts, maize, potatoes, sunflowers, and tomatoes" from the natives (Pavlac 215). The Europeans also brought with them a new religion and new rulers for the American natives. Overall, the first half of the European settlement of the Americas being called an "exchange" is objective when looking strictly from a trade/economic point of view. Everything else about the Columbian Exchange, however, was more of a conquest than anything. The Aztec and Incan empires believed the Europeans were gods because of their "pale skins, shiny armor, and unfamiliar horses (Pavlac 2015). This misconception allowed Spanish conquistadors Cortes and Pizarro to "get close to, capture, and then execute the native emperors" (Pavlac 2015). Additionally, the Europeans brought disease with them, which caused millions of natives to become sick and die. Though the Europeans didn't fully understand their own role in these pandemics, they took full advantage of them to quickly dominate and wipe out much of the indigenous people. If there were any title in history I might change, it would be this one. Though the Europeans and natives exchanged foods, metals, and livestock, introducing each other to new things, the majority of this time was a conquest and should be termed as such.---------------- Respond to David----Class, When it came to deciding which name better fits, Age of Exploration or Age of Discovery I had to ask myself a few questions. Did the people going out discover anything or just explore, we knew people were already in these locations and had their own government and systems in place. People like Christopher Columbus, Ferdinand Magellan, and other were called explorers, which in my mind means they went to explore but at the same time their goal was to discover new paths to Asia and Africa. I have decided for me I would fall into the category of Age of Exploration. I fell on this because of a line I came across countless times “The period is characterized as a time when Europeans began exploring the world by sea in search of new trading routes, wealth, and knowledge.” (Briney, 2017) The key word in this quote for me is exploring, later in the same article “Prince Henry the Navigator changed that, encouraging explorers to sail beyond the mapped routes” (Briney, 2017). The constant I was finding is the charge by rulers and others to explore for new locations and find new trade routes. Do I think that they did discover new places yes but only in the sense that it was a discovery for themselves not the locations. It came down to that very small difference in opinion of what discovery is to me and what I define it as, and what exploration is. Some did discover new places but the over arching goal was to explore, for the people like Columbus and Magellan that was what it seemed their goal was, in my personal view. As its easy to see I could go either way but the little things lead me to calling it the Age of Exploration.    Works Cited Briney, A. (2017, August 19). A Brief History of the Age of Exploration. Retrieved from ThoughtCo.:
Respond to Dania---The focus my forum is Vasco da Gama. I believe Vasco da Gama’s motivation was greed and glory. Glory was however his primary motivation. According to Pavlac, Portugal long sought a way to get to the Indies without having to take routes where they had to pay fees to get through.
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