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Informative speech about French,Paris (Eiffel tower)

Name Withheld SPCH 1315 Professor Hopkins Barnes Informative Speech Outline Introduction I. Attention Device I will use a classic figure ground image of a chalice that also looks like two faces when you look at it from a different perspective. (, 2012) II. Relate Topic to Audience (Purpose) Art and graphic design are more than just drawing lines on a piece of paper or canvas. There is a lot of thought that goes into each piece; a process that dictates where and how objects in a design should be placed. In this process artists and designers use thirteen elements and principles to help guide their decisions. On top of these elements and principles, there are several other concepts and theories that play heavily into design. Gestalt theory of perception is one of these concepts. In the greater scheme of things, Gestalt theory encompasses more than just art and design. It also has a role to play in phycology and therapy (, 2012). I will only be discussing how it pertains to graphic design and art. III. State Qualifications (Establish Credibility) I am a graphic design student at North Lake College. I have attended several classes pertaining to design and art. It is my intention to graduate with a degree in Computer Graphic Design so that I may work as a Web Designer/Developer. IV. State Proposition (Thesis) & Preview Points I will discuss how the thirteen elements and principles of design and Gestalt theory of perception are used to influence the decisions of artists and graphic designers. A. A brief explanation of the principles and elements of design. B. An introduction to Gestalt theory as it pertains to design. C. Discuss how they are both used together. Body I. Frist Main Point A brief explanation of the principles and elements of design. A. A set of guidelines used by graphic designers and artists to help them determine proper placement of objects in a design. 1. Without them objects on a page would have no connection with each other. 2. There would be no unity and everything would seem chaotic. B. The elements of design. 1. Line 2. Shape 3. Value 4. Texture 5. Color 6. Space C. The principles of design. 1. Variety 2. Harmony 3. Balance 4. Dominance 5. Proportion 6. Economy 7. Movement (Black, 2011) (Transition: Now that we have a better understanding of the some of the guidelines used by graphic designers, let’s discuss gestalt theory.) II. Second Main Point An introduction to Gestalt theory as it pertains to graphic design. A. Gestalt is a form of phycology this is interested in higher order cognitive processes relative to behavior (Saw, 2000). 1. Study of gestalt began in Germany in the 1920’s. 2. In German, gestalt means “whole” or “form”. B. Designers are mostly interested in how gestalt investigates visual perception. 1. Interested in how gestalt defines the relationship between the parts and the whole of visual experience. 2. Gestalt holds that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. C. A look at the principles of gestalt. 1. Similarity. a) Occurs when objects look similar. b) Often perceived as a group or pattern. 2. Continuation. a) Occurs when the eye is compelled to move through one object and continue to another object. 3. Closure. a) Occurs when an object is not complete or a space is not completely enclosed. b) If enough of the shape is indicated, people will perceive the whole by filling in missing information. 4. Proximity. a) Occurs when elements are placed close together. b) They are often perceived as a group. 5. Figure and ground. a) The eye differentiates an object from its surrounding area. b) A form, silhouette, or shape is naturally perceived as figure (object), while the surrounding area is perceived as ground (background). (, 2012) (Transition: Now that we have an understanding of the elements and principles of design and a basic understanding of Gestalt theory, let’s put them together.) III. Third Main Point Discuss how they are both used together. A. The elements and principles of design and gestalt are not exclusive of each other. 1. The gestalt principle of proximity and the element of shape can be put together to, for example, to help identify like elements in a design. 2. Figure and ground can be used to great effect to provide contrast. B. Having a good grasp of the concepts of both the elements and principle of design and gestalt are critical for graphic designers and artists. 1. Without either of them there would be no unity in their designs. 2. It would look like a chaotic mess with no way of determining the meaning of the piece. Conclusion I. Provide Closure (Review Main Points) So remember that A. The elements and principles of design. B. The principles of Gestalt theory of perception. C. Are both used together to help guide the decisions of designers and artists. II. Closing Thought (Clincher or Bow Tie) The next time you look at a piece of art and think “My two year old can do that!”, remember that there is more to art than just drawing lines on a piece of paper.   Works Cited Page Black, Byron. "Elements and Principles of Design." Room G305, North Lake College. Jan. 2011. Lecture. "The Gestalt Principles." Spokane Falls Community College. Spokane Falls Community College, n.d. Web. 3 Jan. 2012. . "Gestalt therapy, gestalt psychology and theory, Gestalt concept, origin and history." Gestalt Theory. N.p., 2012. Web. 3 Jan. 2012. . Saw, James T. "2d Design Notes." Palomar Community College. Palomar Community College, 2000. Web. 3 Jan. 2012. .
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