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6 issues in different perspective (liberal, Radical, conservative)

Write what I said below about 6 different issues in 3 different perspectives (liberal, Radical, conservative). There are 2 for each perspective. * I uploaded “Talking points” that will help point of view and 3 news articles for number 2 PRODUCT SAFETY. Please look at the “Talking points” so you understand what you doing. 1. AGRICULTURE - write perspective in Liberal (Include at least two pro points and two con points & Minimum 200 words, divided more-or-less evenly between A, B, C, and D) A.Pro #1 (for liberal position) -write why I'm right B.Pro #2 (for liberal position)- write why i'm right - Liberal's perspective: Agricultural Subsidies Protect Our National Security Via Preservation of U.S. Farming C. Con #1 (against Radical opponent) - write why they are wrong - Radical's perspective: In Capitalism, Agribusiness Dominates the Food Industry Through Economic and Political Power D. Con #2 (against conservative) -write why they are wrong - conservative's perspective: Allow Farmers to Pursue their Self Interest by Following the Invisible Hand 2. PRODUCT SAFETY - write perspective in Radical (Respond to the News, the Opinion, and the Comic & Minimum 200 words, divided more-or-less evenly between A, B, and C) A. News B. Opinion C. Comic - Radical's perspective: In Capitalism, Firms are Forced to Slash Costs by Producing Low-Quality Products Whenever and Wherever Possible 3. WAGES AND POVERTY - write perspective in conservative (list and explain the components of the skit & Minimum 200 words, divided more-or-less evenly between A, B, C, and D) A. Title B. Setting C. Character D. Storyline - conservative's perspective: Give Workers The Incentive To Realize Their Greatest Potential. 4. HOUSING - write perspective in Liberal (From your assigned perspective, describe the poster & Minimum 200 words, divided more-or-less evenly between A, B, and C) A. Pro Part of Drawing - liberal’s perspective: Rent Control Makes Housing Attainable to Those Who Could Otherwise Not Afford It B. Con #1 Part of Drawing (against racial opponent) - radical’s perspective: In Capitalism, Housing is Controlled by Big Banks and Wealthy Corporations, Leaving Exploited Workers to Choose between Unaffordable Housing and Homelessness C. Con #2 Part of Drawing (against conservative opponent) - conservative’s perspective: Give Tenants the Incentive to Optimize Their Circumstances 5. INCOME DISTRIBUTION - write perspective in radical (From your assigned perspective, describe the poster & Minimum 200 words, divided more-or-less evenly between A, B, and C) Pro Part of Drawing (radical) - Radical’s perspective: As Owners Accumulate The Wealth That Their Workers Produce, Capitalist Society Inevitably Divides Into The Rich And The Poor Con #1 Part of Drawing (against Liberal opponent) - liberal’s perspective: The Rich Have Unfair Advantages, And These Undermine The Hard Work and Initiative Of The Poor And Middle Class. Con #2 Part of Drawing (against Conservative opponent) - conservative’s perspective: Wages Convey The Relative Values Of Occupational Choices and People Make Choices According To Their Preferences 6. MARKET POWER - write perspective in Conservative (From your assigned perspective, include at least two pro points and two con points & Minimum 200 words, divided more-or-less evenly between A, B, C, and D) Pro #1 (for Conservative position)- write why I'm right Pro #2 (for Conservative position)- write why I'm right - conservative’s perspective: 1. Big ≠ Bad and Abuse is Rare 2. Government-Created Monopolies Destroy Efficient Outcomes Con #1 (against Radical opponent)- why they are wrong - Radical’s perspective: In Capitalism, firms are forced to grow at the expense of the individual and the community Con #2 (against liberal opponent)- why they are wrong - liberal’s perspective: Government Coordination Preserves the Integrity of the Free Market
Write what I said below about 6 different issues in 3 different perspectives (liberal, Radical, conservative). There are 2 for each perspective. * I uploaded “Talking points” that will help point of view and 3 news articles for number 2 PRODUCT SAFETY. Please look at the “Talking points” so you understand what you doing.
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