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Responsible agricultural water management will make a major contribution to future global water security

Topic: Discuss “Responsible agricultural water management will make a major contribution to future global water security” Word limit = 2000, excluding references, tables, and diagrams References 1. Weindl, I., Bodirsky, B., Rolinski, S. et al., (2017) Livestock production and the water challenge of future food supply-Implications of agricultural management and dietary choices. Global Environmental Change, 47, 121-132. 2. Connell, D. and Grafton R.Q. (2007) Planning for Water Security in the Murray-Darling Basin. Australian National University Economics and Environment Network Working paper EEN0705. 28 pp. 3. Rockström, J., Falkenmark, M., Karlberg, L., Hoff, H., Rost, S., & Gerten, D. (2009). Future water availability for global food production: the potential of green water for increasing resilience to global change. Water Resources Research, 45, doi:10.1029/2007WR006767. 4. Cook, C. and Bakker, K. (2012) Water Security: Debating an emerging paradigm. Global Environmental Change, 22, 94-102 pp. 5. Falkenmark, M. (2013) Growing water scarcity in agriculture: future challenge to global water security. Philosophical Transactions A., 6. Grey, D. and Sadoff, C.W. (2007) Sink or Swim? Water security for growth and development. Water Policy, 9, 545-571 pp. 7. Jonathan M., et al. (2017) Representing water scarcity in future agricultural assessments. Anthropocene, 18, 15-26. 8. Rost, S., Gerten, D., Bondeau, A., Lucht, W., Rohwer, J., & Schaphoff, S. (2008). Agricultural green and blue water consumption and its influence on the global water system. Water Resources Research, 44(9), doi:10.1029/2007WR006331. 9. GWP (2013) Water and food security – Experiences in India and China. Global Water Partnership. 48 pp. 10. International Water Management Institute (2014) Solutions for a water-secure world: Strategy 2014-18. 28 pp.
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