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Write a short reflection on each one, explaining precisely what appeals to you in this piece of writing.

FULL TITLE IS: Choose three story excerpt and write a short reflection on each one, explaining precisely what appeals to you in this piece of writing. The story excerpt is included in a file. Please read the excerpts to do the question. You MUST include the story excerpt 1984 because I really like that excerpt!! You get a choice of the other TWO. I would like each reflection to be 250-350 words long!! P.S. I need it in about 3 hours!!! OR sooner :))
FULL TITLE IS: Choose three story excerpt and write a short reflection on each one, explaining precisely what appeals to you in this piece of writing. The story excerpt is included in a file. Please read the excerpts to do the question. You MUST include the story excerpt 1984 because I really like that excerpt!!
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