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Unit 2: Sexuality and Identity - Discussion Section 2

This week we look at a few of the non-binary expressions of gender and sexuality and watched the film "Middle Sexes." What are your thoughts? Keep your discussion grounded in the assigned reading and film, but bring in your own thoughts and experiences. Keep your posts around one 5-6 sentence paragraph. Some questions to consider: (Note: you do not need to answer all or any of these questions, they are simply ideas to get you thinking about the material. If other thoughts struck you, share them here. We have decided to only have one forum, so you have a lot of options). Regarding gender: Why do you think intersex is a 'social emergency' according to the doctor in Middle Sexes? What do boys like Noah in the film tell us about gender? Why do you think there is so much violence toward transgender individuals in the U.S.? Why might some societies (like Native American, Indian or Thai) be more open to non-binary genders? How has Western (European colonial) influence changed this? Why do you think India is relatively accepting of Hijra but not gay men and women? Regarding sexuality: What are your thoughts on this week's thesis that sexuality is fluid and changes over time and is not an identity? Do you believe that sexuality is part of your identity? What does it mean that sexual relations are embedded in other social and cultural processes? What are they? Do you think it is similar in the U.S.? Why do you think that homosexuality (in Euro-American societies) is often considered an identity? Is there some similarity between people because of their sexuality? film link: then do two responses for R11 and R22
This week we look at a few of the non-binary expressions of gender and sexuality and watched the film "Middle Sexes." What are your thoughts? Keep your discussion grounded in the assigned reading and film, but bring in your own thoughts and experiences. Keep your posts around one 5-6 sentence paragraph. Some questions to consider: (Note: you do not need to answer all or any of these questions, they are simply ideas to get you thinking about the material.
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