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Forum 4: Various Types of Households and their Effects on Children

This assignment centers on discussing various types of households (two parent, single parent, multiple generation, and blended families) and their effects on children. Chapter10 of your text discusses various types of households that children can be raised in during today's times, including households where two parents are working outside the home fulltime, single parent households, multiple generational households, and blended families. Discuss the possible effects of each of these household types on the development of children. NOTE: Your response must be written in your own words; however you MUST use information from the text and/or other sources to support your response. If using the text, the page number(s) MUST be cited, and if using other sources, the link(s), page numbers, etc MUST be cited. This response must be 150-200 words (NO MORE THAN 200 WORDS!), to be posted by Wednesday, March 14, 2018.
This assignment centers on discussing various types of households (two parent, single parent, multiple generation, and blended families) and their effects on children. Chapter10 of your text discusses various types of households that children can be raised in during today's times, including households where two parents are working outside the home fulltime, single parent households, multiple generational households, and blended families. Discuss the possible effects of each of these household types on the development of children. NOTE: Your response must be written in your own words; however you MUST use information from the text and/or other sources to support your response.
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