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Write an essay based on the book "GENDER ROLES" opposing viewpoints by GreenHaven Press

INSTRUCTIONS:1. You have to write a minimum of 4 complete pages; double space; one-inch margin space; 10,11,12 font.2. Pdf. Or WORD file. Name your file “First Paper”. Do NOT put your name in the file title.3. I will grade you for answering/discussing these questions and articles completely. Feel free to share your opinions. You will be graded on how well you have answered the questions and discussed the articles.4. Do NOT use quotes in your paper. Write in your own words.1. First Viewpoint (from the book): Christina Hoff Sommers, “Gender Preferences Are Connected to Biological Sex from an Early Age”, pp 20-272. Second Viewpoint (from the book): Gender Spectrum, “Gender Is Not Inherently Connected to Biology”; pp. 28-32.3. Points:Both viewpoints give their opinion on whether gender is biological or not.In first viewpoint, Christina Hoff Sommers addresses the issue with the attempt by Swedes to have children engage in “gender-neutral” play. Discuss this with specifics. What are her views about what the Swedes are doing? How does she support her views?In the second viewpoint, the authors claim that gender is not just biological. How do they say most people come by their gender? What is it that the authors want from society?In what ways do the two viewpoints agree? Are there disagreements between them? Which viewpoint do you find more persuasive and why?After reading the UCLA student newspaper article and the initiative of the Diversity officials in the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, do you think that the Swedish experiments have begun in our educational institutions too? What is your opinion about it?
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