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DOCUMENT TYPE Dissertation
CREATED ON 22nd August 2016
COMPLETED ON 27th August 2016
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Expert hired: Muhammad Adil

Impact of Different Demographics on Television Viewership in Delhi-NCR: A Comparison between preference of viewership of Conventional Television and Video on Demand Services

[URGENT]Need full devotion and priority. This is a completed dissertation with wrong data analysis as the research questionnaire is completely changed. Need someone who can understand the present state of the dissertation and get the new questionnaire filled and do the data analysis from scratch. Also make the corresponding changes in the text in sync with the new questionnaire and data analysis.
[URGENT]Need full devotion and priority. This is a completed dissertation with wrong data analysis as the research questionnaire is completely changed. Need someone who can understand the present state of the dissertation and get the new questionnaire filled and do the data analysis from scratch. Also make the corresponding changes in the text in sync with the new questionnaire and data analysis.
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