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The Central Florida Emphysema Foundation Audit: A Case Study of Personal and Professional Responsibility

NEED SOMEONE WITH ACCOUNTING EXPERIENCE. PLEASE MESSAGE ME YOUR ACCOUNTING KNOWLEDGE You need to read the case and complete REQUIREMENTS 5, 6, AND 7 only. I have attached Requirements 1-4 you need accounting knowledge. THIS IS AN AUDITING CASE please read the case carefully and see if you can complete the requirements before accepting. Although the case situation is set in Florida, USA, please use applicable Canadian Auditing Standards, CPA NS Code of Professional Conduct, and accounting standards for not-for-profit entities (or IFRS, if applicable) to complete the requirements.
NEED SOMEONE WITH ACCOUNTING EXPERIENCE. PLEASE MESSAGE ME YOUR ACCOUNTING KNOWLEDGE You need to read the case and complete REQUIREMENTS 5, 6, AND 7 only. I have attached Requirements 1-4 you need accounting knowledge. THIS IS AN AUDITING CASE please read the case carefully and see if you can complete the requirements before accepting.
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