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International Business: Examining Cultural Differences involving business in another country

Second Paper on foreign country culture vs. American culture and also tips and things to remember when doing business there Posted Jan 29, 2018 2:11 PM Hello Folks: I know you are ready to get started on your second paper which is coming up on February 9th.  I think you will really enjoy this paper because it is neat to learn about another culture.  Pick a country you are interested in.  You might also use this country for your big company/country report which is due late in the semester.   Here is the first announcement discussing this paper: Second paper is due Friday,February 9th, will be a good indepth look at the culture of another interesting country.  You will rely on Hofstede's framework discussed in Chapter 4 (and other methods of looking at cultures) but you will also talk about accepted business practices, mores and folkways, values, little odd habits and interesting behaviors, etc.  How do managers and people behave at work?  How do they behave in social settings?  What interesting things do you note, mainly about the other culture you are describing.  For example, there are certain things we do here in the U.S. that some countries don't understand, for example our obsession with being on time and getting right down to business without really getting to know each other better.  Some countries don't understand why we leave 15 or 20% of a lunch bill as a tip for the server.  In some countries, there are topics you never discuss.  There are some gifts which should never be given in certain cultures (for example certain colors of flowers).  There are some great sources for these eccentricities and oddities on the internet.  I want you to spend a good bit of your paper giving good "tips on how to do business" in that country.  For example, negotiations, gift giving, customs and habits, accepted ways of doing things, etc.  So your assignment is a 5 or 6 page paper speaking a little about the comparison of the country to the US culture but mainly focusing on the other interesting country.  Also be sure to give the reader some interesting little tips and things to keep in mind when doing business overseas.   I want this second paper due on the 9th to be fun.  To me it is interesting studying how the world's cultures differ, especially when it comes to doing business.  You can imagine how important this is when marketing, selling, negotiating, or managing native workers.  You are looking at the culture of a particular culture (compared to the U.S.).  Pay attention to Hofstede's dimensions (discussed in the notes and at great length on the internet).  You might also want to mention things like proxemics, time orientation, and high or low context.  Perhaps most importantly, I want you to give some little tricks, tips, and ideas for doing business in the country.  I have a few links here to give you some examples of the kinds of things I am thinking about. Looking forward to seeing what all you find.   Dr. B
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