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presentation +draft from the file which i attached excellent advance if you do a normal presentation I do not need it because I know how to do it .. I need something amazing + draft regarding to the presentation slides for me to represent it and study so I can represent my presentation .. because I'm not planning to read all the article read it mack summery for most important ideas this draft for me to study it before going to school, not for the Dr,, has to be star as speaker as hi everybody I am (my name) my presentation today about ...etc .. the slides for presentation will use it in my class my grade depends on my presentation and my speech. Class presentation: Students will be asked to make weekly presentations of required reading materials. Presentations can be made with PowerPoint (optional) and be no longer than 10-12 slides Standard Commendable/ exemplary (very well argued and presented. No mistakes, at all) Exemplary ideas/ knowledge level New/ creative ideas Brilliantly original Very well argued and presented. 1-presentation as an outline with few and important ideas about the article (is slides not summary )+ images perfect presentation 2- summery including the outline and the outlain details which will be my speech prepare for me to steady before i g to my class this summery will be my own speech because i do not know how should explain to the audience the article ideas, i attached the samples of my expectation of the presentation
presentation +draft from the file which i attached excellent advance if you do a normal presentation I do not need it because I know how to do it .. I need something amazing + draft regarding to the presentation slides for me to represent it and study so I can represent my presentation .. because I'm not planning to read all the article read it mack summery for most important ideas this draft for me to study it before going to school, not for the Dr,, has to be star as speaker as hi everybody I am (my name) my presentation today about ...etc .. the slides for presentation will use it in my class my grade depends on my presentation and my speech.
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circumstances of your most difficult ethical struggle both sides of the issues involved -- there must have been pros and cons if it was a struggle. Remember that we're considering ethics to be a matter of right or wrong on a personal level, as opposed to moral vs. immoral by societal standards or legal vs. illegal...
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Create a proposal for your final research topic. A proposal for a project is a great way to assess your reasons for undertaking the project or essay. It also is a great motivating factor when collecting preliminary research and organizing your initial claim and support. You will need to explain in your proposal why you are investigating this claim, what your claim..
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I need help answering the questions below in full detail and complete sentences that is related to attached Training Facility Problems at Cascade University article. 1) If you were a member of the group, what advice would you give Mary Ann that would address the concerns described about the operation of the training facility? 2) What user support issues have..
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Increasingly, researchers rely exclusively on online search engines and electronic documents. For this assignment, you will reflect on the limitations associated with this growing trend. What source material might be systematically missed? How might researchers overcome these limitations? The paper should be a maximum of two pages in length (excluding..
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PAPER TOPIC: How has the English Poor Law of 1601 impacted the welfare systems as we know them today? The English Poor Law of 1601 altered the course of social welfare policy and practice and has continued to impact social welfare policy to this day. Choose two of the populations provided for in the Poor Law and trace how services to those populations have evolved..
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THEME: PEOPLE, PLACES, AND ENVIRONMENT. The lesson plan assignment requires completion of two lesson plans from different social studies disciplines in history, geography, political science, sociology, psychology or economics. For each plan, you should assume the following basic parameters: a 40-minute class period; a diverse student population;..
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Assignment 2: Probation, Parole Officers, and Theories of Behavior Assignment 2: Probation, Parole Officers, and Theories of Behavior In this module, you learned the concepts of the rehabilitation theory and practice as well as the roles of probation and parole officers. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the majority of parole, probation,..
“Globalisation has created as many losers as it has winners.”
this is a MBA interview they ask the candidate to deliver a presentation between 2 1⁄2 and 3 1⁄2 minutes. I will transfer the essay to the ptt form. All i need is the critical thinking and persuasive supporting idea. it will be appreciated that if your are acquired the Economics or Business or Social science background...
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A Business Submission on Chinese Foreign Investment and Ownership on Behalf of Business Council of Australia
required to select one topic only to write a report in the course outline(so must check the course outline for more details) and 1500 words with 12 APA references (only in academic journals and authority news only, must have author, year, title of article and title of the publisher,page etc) if have any questions pls check the topic slides and read journals detail..
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Tourism and Hospitality- Great Barrier Reef, Australia
Hi, it's URGENT! I am happy to cooperate together with you. There is a task for presentation, I need someone to write the information about this topic of 'Great Barrier Reef" approximately 1.500 words (Not include references). Also please following the information related with the attachment below. Furthermore, really need more explanation in the "SMART..
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Construct a 2,500-3,000 word (approximately 10-12 pages) case report that includes a problem or situation consistent with nursing practice. 1. Review the AHRQ and the IOM report (Too Err Is Human and Crossing the Quality Chasm) to develop the case report.
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Respond to Jeremy-------Hello class, The term "Dark Ages" is somewhat misleading; Many a dark thing took place during this time, but it was not entirely bleak.  The fall of Roman Civilization left a massive power vacuum that was filled by the Germanic Kingdoms. These Germanic Kingdoms were in a sense, "uncivilized" because they were continually warring among..
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Keywords: psychological point of view on culture diversity The three branches of human being sciences (Social sciences), Sociology, Anthropology and Psychology are interlinked for the reason that they try to describe the various areas of individual life and their interactions to each other. They offer a conclusion on human behavior and in the culture they live. Furthermore, these public sciences provide essential skills in analyzing the motives and behavior of individuals..
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Memento Memento, a psychological thriller starring Guy Pierce and aimed by Christopher Nolan, is the storyline of a man who received serious mind injury during his wife's murder and has, as a result, developed anterograde amnesia. Anterograde amnesia is a form of memory reduction that affects the ability of memories to become transferred from the short term to the long term ram. Anterograde amnesia is something that may be a permanent disorder, but can be induced temporarily..
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Absenteeism is the failure to are accountable to work. It really is costly for every organization. For how many days a worker stay absent from work will definitely cost your around 100 if his salary is 24000. Even if an hourly established staff to whom you don't have to purchase absent but nonetheless cost a great deal, because Matching to a review its twelve-monthly cost has been projected at over 40 billions for U. S organizations and around 12 billions for Canadian businesses. Few..
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TECHNOLOGY AWARENESS INTRODUCTION Starting a business will involve a great planning, financial and management decisions about how to operate the business activities. Business wants furniture, equipment, consumer electronics and nowadays it is close to impossible to use an enterprise without technology. Technology lays under the exterior environment that is beyond our control. Today it is hard to imagine an enterprise without technology. Business works with..
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The first company I want to speak about is Virgin Atlantic. Virgin Atlantic can be an popular and successful flight. Virgin Atlantic provides many services on board their flights, and it's really a planned service. Organisation Two: The Head to Operator - Thomson. The second organisation I'm going to talk and summarize is Thomson Tour Operators which is part of the TUI group. Thomson are a multinational head to operator, and they offer a great deal of services on the consumers..
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HISTORY OF DEMENTIA:A persons brain is extraordinary organ. It stores our memories, vision, hearing, speech, and in a position of carrying out executive bigger reasoning and functions placing us apart from animals. Today we know even more about the human brain as a result of medical improvements and the development of technology. These kinds of brain disorders have been examined for years and others would sort dementia as a mental condition because it triggers cognitive impairments...
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Love Story in William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice
Appreciate Plot in William Shakespeare's The Merchant of VeniceThe Product owner of Venice is a enjoy of equally love and hate. His passion plotbegins to develop in Acts one particular and 2, as we will be introduced to the leadingcharacters of the play.Bassanio is a good friend of Antonio, who is the merchant from the play'stitle. Bassanio is a young man, in addition to the beginning of the play we allare presented his infantile character. All of us learn that he offers..
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Good Friend Antonio
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Audre Lorde and Susan Sontag's personal experience of cancer can be depicted within their books with great details; both explain obstacles these facing airport terminal illnesses need to endure. Airport terminal disease directs anxiety and fear among those facing death and it also carries sociable stigmas. Social stigmas put on individuals clinically determined to have terminal diseases are adverse connotations or perhaps perceptions bequeathed upon the terminally..
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The Effect of Internal Factors about Anorexia TherapyIn the analysis to explain whether anorexia therapy is due topsychological factors several explanations were given. The"Psychodynamic explanation" being one of the key ones shows that‘one' is motivated to behave how they do simply by unconscious and frequentlyrepressed needs that highlighted in their previous. For example someonedoesn't need to develop up, head out in to adult life, instead..
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If you 've discovered this article via a Google search, I assume that you will be already acquainted with what a your life coach is definitely. Even if you happen to be, reading my own article "What is a Existence Coach" offers you valuable information concerning what exactly a life coach does, just how coaching contracts work, what typical mentoring formats appear to be and how you should focus your company as you consider becoming a instructor.This article is..
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whites were in inner issue over their particular belief in a creed of equality and opportunity on the other hand, and their take care of blacks one the other side of the coin. Huckleberry Finn, the most important novel working with black and white in America, Twain visualized a white whose conscience tells him it really is sinful to rescue a black coming from would be difficult to get a new where the characters are more fascinated by money, driven by search for that, ready..
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Societies Scapegoat
Societies ScapegoatChildren crimes need treatment on a continual rise. It seems that every day violentoffenders keep getting younger and more aggressive. We turn on the news only tolisten to that a ten year old mugged, shot, stabbed, beat or perhaps blew up one of his peers.With crimes on the rise involving kids, people continue to look for a cause.Society, during your search for a scapegoat, becomes worse than a blood thirsty lynchmob for a witch trial. Generally the most obvious..
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Global MarketFinancial ReportingThe monetary the use of global business as caused it to be imperative to work with an accounting standard such as the International Economical Reporting Normal that is comparable and easy to translate internationally. Thus, the International Financial Reporting Common is the widespread financial revealing language that may be practice throughout the world, excluding the United Condition. The International Financial Revealing Standard..
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