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Statistics Assignment (Example)

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Solution to quiz 16.9 Step 1: Hypotheses formulation and determining level of significance H0:µ1=µ2=µ3 H1:µ1≠µ2≠µ3 α=0.05 Step 2: select the appropriate test statistics The test statistics is the f-statistics for anova F=msb/mse Step 3:set up decision rule The appropriate critical value can be found in a table of probabilities for the F distribution. In order to determine the critical value of F we need degree of freedom. Df1=k-1 & df2=N-k. In this question df1=k-1=3-1=2 and df2=N-k=9-3=6 The critical value is 5.143 and the decision rule is reject h0 if F>5.143 Step 4: compute the test statistics The overall mean is 5 Ssb=𝚺nj(xj-mean-x-mean)2 Ssb=3(5-5)2+3(6-5)2+3(4-5)2 Ssb=3+3=6 Ssb=6 Next we compute sse Sse=𝚺𝚺(x-xj mean)2 Sse requires computing the squared differences between each observation and its group mean Starting with zero hours of sleep deprivation zero x-5 (x-5)2 3 -2 4 5 0 0 7 2 4 totals 0 8 Thus 𝚺(x-x mean)2=8 are greater than critical value of 3.24. we fail to reject the third one since the f-ratio is less than critical value. (b) Conducting f-test estimating effect sizes and using tukey’s HSD test HSD=q√(mse/n) MS within = 4.19 N = rn = (4) (2) = 8 HSD=4.05√(4.19/8)=2.93 X0 = 3.13 X24 = 3.75 X48 = 8 X72 = 8.38 X0 = 3.13 0.62 4.87 5.25 X24 = 3.75 4.25 4.63 X48 = 8 0.38 X72 = 8.38 X0 = 3.63 X1 = 4.5 X2 = 6.63 X3 = 8.5 X0 = 3.63 0.87 3 4.87 X1 = 4.5 2.13 4 X2 = 6.63 1.87 X3 = 8.5 D=(x1-x2)/√(ms within) D[x4 x0]=4.87/√4.19=2.38 D[x72 x0]=5.25/√4.19=2.56 D[x48 x0]=4.25/√4.19=2.08 D[x72 x24]=4.63/√4.19=2.26 D[x2 x0]=3/√4.19=1.47 D[x3 x0]=4.87/√4.19=2.38 D[x3 x1]=4/√4.19=1.95 Solution to quiz 18.8 (a) Effects for food deprivation and reward amount (b) Effects for food deprivation reward amount and interaction (c) Effects for interaction only [...]

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Details: Complete the following exercises located at the end of each chapter and put them into a Word document to be submitted as directed by the instructor. Show all relevant work; use the equation editor in Microsoft Word when necessary. Chapter 16, numbers 16.9, 16.10, 16.12 and 16.14 Chapter 17, numbers 17.6, 17.7, and 17.8 Chapter 18, numbers 18.8, 18.11, and 18.12

Subject Area: Statistics

Document Type: Dissertation Proposal

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