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Create a "Quality Control" program for a 'fictitious' Craft Brewery

Create a "Quality Control" program for a 'fictitious' Craft Brewery. Details of ‘fictitious’ Brewery: * 4,000 hectolitres per year * Fills cans, bottles, and kegs * Has tasting room & growler fills * Staff of 10 * One employee is dedicated to Quality Control Items/Topics to cover: - What QC tests and procedures are applicable to a small craft brewery? - chemical, sensory, visual, microbiology, taste - What tests and procedures can be done and should be done at each stage of the brew cycle? - Raw materials? - Brewhouse? - Mash/Lauter Tun - Brew Kettle - Fermenting - Maturation - Filtration - Packaging - Finished Product - Frequency of tests? - Cleaning and Sanitizing - When to clean tanks? How often? - Floors, values, lines, glassware, etc.
Create a "Quality Control" program for a 'fictitious' Craft Brewery. Details of ‘fictitious’ Brewery: * 4,000 hectolitres per year * Fills cans, bottles, and kegs * Has tasting room & growler fills * Staff of 10 * One employee is dedicated to Quality Control Items/Topics to cover: - What QC tests and procedures are applicable to a small craft brewery? - chemical, sensory, visual, microbiology, taste - What tests and procedures can be done and should be done at each stage of the brew cycle? - Raw materials?
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