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PS311 Ethical Practice in a Diverse World Unit 4 Assignment

Review the Cultural Formulation Interview provided by the American Psychiatric Association which is located in Course Documents and based on the case scenario 5.1 in your text on page 187 think about how you would use the Cultural Formulation Interview. Identify at least 3 specific questions that you would ask Flo and explain your rationale for using these questions. Assignment should include: A title page 2–3 pages (not including the title page) A references page (citing the Cultural Formulation Interview and any other citations needed) APA Format Here is the case Scenario: Client termination anxiety may manifest in several ways. Clients may develop new and significant problems as they anticipate the end of the relationship. As a result of feelings of insecurity, they may regress into old patterns of dysfunctional behavior that require continued counseling intervention (Welfel & Patterson, 2005). They may experience real sadness or grief around the loss of their relationship with you as a person. Clients often struggle with termination despite their knowledge that it is healthy and desirable. However, not all clients struggle with termination. In general, the end of the counseling relationship is viewed as a positive event by the client and the professional counselor. To illustrate the challenges of termination, consider Case Study 5.1. CASE STUDY 5.1 Flo, a 43-year-old woman, entered into a counseling relationship with you 9 months ago to deal with the effects of her recent separation after a 17-year marriage. Flo did not want the separation and was devastated by her husband’s departure. Childless, she struggled with why her husband left, how to manage her time and her home without him, and feelings of rejection. She reported sleep and appetite disturbance, poor job performance, and isolating herself from her friends. You worked with her on a weekly basis in individual counseling to address her social fears, her feelings of inadequacy, and her anger at her now ex-husband. During this time, she returned to her previous level of functioning on her job, began sleeping more soundly, showed improved eating habits, joined a weekly professional woman’s club, and began socializing again with her friends. Upon assessing her treatment plan, you both concluded that Flo was making significant progress and was no longer experiencing the symptoms that brought her into counseling in the first place. After determining that you would cut back on the frequency of sessions in an effort to transition her out of services, Flo returned to her next appointment and shared with you her fears about terminating counseling. She stated, “I have come so far and I may not make it on my own! Why can’t I continue in weekly counseling just in case I have problems that I can’t handle on my own?”
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