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Due in One Hour -Discussion Assignment: Ethical Theory

Your assignment for this unit is to reflect on the following two cases and make a posting to your group based upon this. In the first case, you should ask yourself what factors, ethically speaking, Helen should consider in deciding what to do. In the second case, you should comment on what factors you would need to take into account in deciding whether what the physician intends to do is ethically appropriate. You may choose to comment on both cases or only one, but each group should discuss both cases at some point. Case #1: Helen, an emergency room physician, happens upon a roadside accident in a remote location. A car has crashed leaving 4 people seriously hurt. After calling 911 and discovering that it will be quite a while before help arrives, Helen begins examining the injuries of the 4 people. All are in danger of dying if they don't receive immediate attention, but one of them, Bob, will require so much attention the other three may well die before Helen finishes treating him. If, on the other hand, Bob is left until last, his life is in serious danger, but Helen will likely be able to save the other three. Case #2: John has inoperable lung cancer that is unresponsive to all standard treatments. In all likelihood, he will die within one year. John's doctor has known him for years and does not believe John will be able to deal well with the news that he is ill. He expects John will panic and, quite possibly, suffer serious mental distress. For this reason, John's physician decides to lie about John's diagnosis for a while in order to 'buy him a little more time.' In thinking about case #2, it may be helpful to read 'Can Lies Be Good Medicine' by Daniel Sokol (Globe and Mail, Feb. 7, 2004). This article is available in the Readings and Assignments discussion group.
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