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Write a report analyzing the process of investing in two stocks of your choice

Using the Internet, local newspapers, or other research materials, write a 500 word report on investing. Your paper is to be based upon your choice of investing in any two of the following stocks: Coca Cola ® Exxon/Mobil ® General Electric ® Pepsi Cola ® (Pepsico ® Inc.) Proctor & Gamble ® General Motors ® Include the following in your report: Explain why you chose those two companies. What made them better than the others? According to the stock market, how did the companies’ stock perform last quarter? What might some of the risks be investing in this company? Some helpful Web sites are: Proper documentation includes both parenthetical citations within the body of your report anytime you summarize or quote a source, as well as a works cited page.
Using the Internet, local newspapers, or other research materials, write a 500 word report on investing. Your paper is to be based upon your choice of investing in any two of the following stocks: Coca Cola ® Exxon/Mobil ® General Electric ® Pepsi Cola ® (Pepsico ® Inc.) Proctor & Gamble ® General Motors ® Include the following in your report: Explain why you chose those two companies. What made them better than the others? According to the stock market, how did the companies’ stock perform last quarter?
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