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SUBJECT AREA Computer Science
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CREATED ON 16th August 2016
COMPLETED ON 20th August 2016
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Microsoft 360 Powerpoint ( use attached data file to complete each task)

PowerPoint Chapter 1: Introduction to PowerPoint Capstone Exercise Pages 897–898 15 marks In Step b under Create a Title Slide, include the course title and number, instead of the instructor's name and class, for the Notes and Handouts footer. In the instructions at the beginning of Use Presentation View, delete the instruction to print out a handout. Page Capstone Exercise Page 897 to *899 Gamerz is a successful retail store. The company sells video games as well as traditional games such as puzzles and board games, and is renowned for hosting game nights and competitions. Gamerz is a place where customers can find gaming resources, supplies, gaming news, and a good challenge. The store has been in operation for six years and has increased its revenue and profit each year. The partners are looking to expand their operation and need to prepare a presentation for an important meeting with financiers. Create a Title Slide You add your name to the title slide, apply a theme, and create a slide for the Gamerz mission statement. a. Open p01c1Capital and save it as p01c1Capital_LastFirst. b. Create a Notes and Handouts header with your name and a footer with your instructor’s name and your class name. Include the current date. Apply to all. c. On Slide 1, replace Your name in the subtitle placeholder with your name. d. Apply the Retrospect design theme with the gray background variant. e. Insert a new slide using the Title Only layout after Slide 1. Type the following in the title placeholder: Gamerz provides a friendly setting in which customers can purchase game equipment and resources as well as participate in a variety of challenging gaming activities. f. Change the font size to 30 pt and apply Italic. Create Tables to Display Sales Data You create tables to show the increase in sales from last year to this year, the sales increase by category, and the sales increase by quarters. a. On Slide 5, create a table of six columns and three rows. Type the data from Table 1 below in your table. b. Format the table text font to 20 pt. Center align the column headings and right align all numbers. Position the table on the slide so it is approximately centered. c. On Slide 6, create a table of five columns and three rows. Type the data from Table 2 below in your table and apply the same formatting to this table that you applied in step b. d. Check the spelling in the presentation, and review the presentation for any other errors. Fix anything you think is necessary. e. View the presentation, and as you navigate through the slides, note that the presentation plan included the mission statement as the introduction slide, included supporting data in the body of the presentation, and included a plan for the future as the conclusion (summary) slide. Add Clip Art and Animation Gamerz uses a video game controller in its logo. You use a video game controller on the title slide to continue this identifying image. a. On Slide 1, open Online Pictures. Use video game controller as your search keyword in the Clip Art search box and locate the image of a video game controller. Size and position the image appropriately. b. Use the same clip art of a video game controller on the last slide of your slide show. Position the clip in the bottom-right portion of your slide, and increase its size. c. On Slide 4, select the Our first year was profitable box and apply the Fly In entrance animation. d. Select the Our second year was significantly better box and apply the Fly In entrance animation. Change the Start option to After Previous. TABLE 1 Year New Video Games Used Video Games Board Games Puzzles Events Last Year $120,200 $90,200 $75,915 $31,590 $25,755 This Year $128,200 $110,700 $115,856 $38,540 $46,065 TABLE 2 Year Qtr 1 Qtr 2 Qtr 3 Qtr 4 Last Year $64,761 $55,710 $34,292 $72,101 This Year $75,594 $68,497 $69,057 $119,551 Use Presentation View You proofread the presentation in Slide Show view and check the animations. You print a handout with four slides per page. a. Start the slide show and navigate through the presentation. b. Annotate the conclusion slide, The Next Steps, by underlining detailed financial proposal and circling two and ten with a red pen. c. Exit the presentation and keep the annotations. d. Save and close the file, and submit based on your instructor’s directions. PowerPoint Chapter 2: Presentation Development Capstone Exercise Page 942 15 marks Notes: In Step a under Design Template, the name of the template should be Nature Ecology Education Photo Presentation. In Step f under Design Template, include the course title and number, instead of the instructor’s name and class, for Handout footer. Under Sections, omit Step c. Your neighbors in your small southwestern subdivision are concerned about drought, fire danger, and water conservation. You volunteer to gather information about possible solutions and share the information with them in a PowerPoint presentation at the next neighborhood association meeting. In this capstone project, you concentrate on developing the content of the presentation. Design Template You download an template to create the basic design and structure for your presentation, save the presentation, and create the title slide. a. Create a new presentation using one of the available templates. Search for the template using the search term Ecology and locate and download the Ecology photo panels template. b. Save the presentation as p02c1Wise_LastFirst. c. Type Conserve as the title on the title slide. d. Type the subtitle Waterwise Landscaping. e. Delete the blank Slides 7 through 11. f. Create a handout header with your name and a handout footer with your instructor’s name and your class. Include the current date. Apply to all slides. Outline and Modifications Based on the storyboard you created after researching water conservation on the Internet, you type the outline of your presentation. As you create the outline, you also modify the outline structure. a. Open the Outline View. b. Type Waterwise Options as the title for Slide 2. c. Enter each of the following as Level 1 bullets for Slide 2: Zeroscaping, Xeriscaping. Remove the third bullet, which is blank. d. Delete Slides 3, 4, and 5. e. Change the layout of the new Slide 3 to Title and Content. f. Type Purpose of Landscaping as the title for Slide 3. g. Type each of the following as Level 1 bullets for Slide 3: Beauty, Utility, Conservation. h. Add this speaker note to Slide 3: With water becoming a limited resource, conservation has become an additional purpose of landscaping. i. Modify the outline structure by reversing Slides 2 and 3. Imported Outline You have an outline on zeroscaping that was created in Microsoft Word and a slide show on xeriscaping. You reuse this content to build your slide show. a. Position the insertion point at the end of the outline. b. Use the Slides from Outline option to insert the p02c1Zero outline. c. Delete any blank slides. d. Change the layout of Slide 4 to Picture with Caption. e. Insert p02c1Zeropic in the picture placeholder. f. Position the point of insertion at the end of the outline. g. Reuse all of the slides, using the same order, from p02c1Xeri to add four slides to the end of the presentation. h. Insert p02c1Xeripic in the picture placeholder on Slide 8. Design The outline slides do not match the design of the other slides. You want to remove the formatting from those slides to create a uniform look. Additionally, the room in which you will be displaying the slide show is very light. You decide to darken the slides, which will increase the slide visibility. You also adjust the font size of two captions to increase their readability. a. Select Slides 4 through 7 in the outline and clear all formatting from the slides. b. Change the background style for all four slides to Style 4 (first row, fourth column). c. Increase the font size of the title and caption text two levels on Slides 4 and 8. d. Use the spelling checker and proofread the presentation. Sections To facilitate moving between the slides concerning zeroscaping and the slides concerning xeriscaping, you create sections. a. Add a section before Slide 4 and rename it Zeroscaping. b. Add a section before Slide 8 and rename it Xeriscaping. c. Print the outline as directed by your instructor. d. Save and close the file and submit based on your instructor’s directions. Please NOTE I COULD NOT ATTACHED 2 OTHER FILES SINCE FILE SIZE IS LARGER. I CAN EMAIL YOU IF YOU AGREE TO DO MY PROJECT.
PowerPoint Chapter 1: Introduction to PowerPoint Capstone Exercise Pages 897–898 15 marks In Step b under Create a Title Slide, include the course title and number, instead of the instructor's name and class, for the Notes and Handouts footer. In the instructions at the beginning of Use Presentation View, delete the instruction to print out a handout. Page Capstone Exercise Page 897 to *899 Gamerz is a successful retail store. The company sells video games as well as traditional games such as puzzles and board games, and is renowned for hosting game nights and competitions.
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