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Australia PlayStation Network Communication Strategy

This assignment is set in 2 parts: Part 1 Part 1 is to conduct a communication assessment of Play Station Network and Part 2 is to prepare a communication strategy to address the issues found in Part 1. For Full detail of this Assignment, please download the attached file. Part 1: The communication assessment will answer the following questions about communication between workers: What are the existing channels of communication? (meetings, newsletters, etc) What are the communication goals for each channel? (sharing information, providing recognition, etc) What types of messages are typically transmitted in these channels? (business results, future plans, personnel news, etc) Who are the target audiences for each channel? (managers, line employees, etc) What are the problems or issues identified with the communication channels, goals, messages or audience? Part 2: Using the information gathered in Part 1, develop a communication goal. The communication goal must link with the organisation's goals. Develop a series of key messages. The messages must support organisational goals. Identify relevant audiences and channels for the messages. Align the messages, the audience and the communication channels as a series of communication strategies which address the identified issues or problems. The messages must be written to suit the organisation, and they must be in response to an issue identified in the communication assessment. This assessment will be presented in a report format. The structure of the Communication Strategy will include: Introduction: Background to the organisation (including style/type of organisation, its worldview, culture); and any relevant issues identified that may influence the communication assessment and communication strategy (for example that the organisation is virtual and communication must be undertaken electronically, or that the organisation is informal and follows an ad hoc process). Results of Communication Assessment: This addresses the questions posed in Part 1. Additional headings can be added as appropriate (for example: Communication channels, Communication messages, Target audiences). Communication Strategies: Includes identification of the issues and problems identified during the assessment in Part 1. The following content must be included as a minimum: the communication goal, key messages, audience and channels as identified in Part 2. Considerations for implementation: Students are not required to implement the strategies. This section is prepared as if the Communication Strategy was being provided to the organisation for implementation. This section lists issues or considerations of which the organisation must be aware in order for the Strategy to be potentially achievable. References: Students are expected to provide evidence of the organisational goals and structure (through a website, annual report or other document). Where possible, students are expected to provided references that support the choice of strategies. Harvard referencing style is required.
This assignment is set in 2 parts: Part 1 Part 1 is to conduct a communication assessment of Play Station Network and Part 2 is to prepare a communication strategy to address the issues found in Part 1. For Full detail of this Assignment, please download the attached file. Part 1: The communication assessment will answer the following questions about communication between workers: What are the existing channels of communication? (meetings, newsletters, etc) What are the communication goals for each channel?
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