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Have smartphones destroyed a generation? by Jean M. Twenge

Your task for this topic, however, is more analytical. I want you to examine the essay and find three paragraphs (there are 50 overall). Here are the instructions for the paragraphs. For your first paragraph, find one that features an anecdote (we'll talk about this, but it's a story that's used to help illustrate an argument). Describe what the story is (a brief summary) and why Twenge appears to be using it. How is the story meant to be contributing to her overall point. To do this you will need to have a good idea of what Twenge is discussing in the paragraphs that surround this one and how the anecdote is meant to be contributing to the larger discussion. For the second paragraph you will be doing the same that you did with this first, but this time you want to find a paragraph where Twenge is using data or statistics. I want you to identify what the statistics are really saying (again, we'll discuss this a bit) in that she gives numbers but we have to understand the significance of the numbers. You are also to identify where the statistics she cites are coming from, if possible. Just as with the first paragraph, you are to identify how the data is meant to be contributing to the larger discussion. For the last paragraph, you are to find one where Twenge is specifically making an argument. You are to pay specific attention to how she argues. What kind of evidence is she using, how forceful (ask if you don't know what's meant by this) is the argument. I also want you to look at the words she uses. Pay specific attention to her use of adverbs (words that modify a verb or an adjective and usually end with "ly") and how they shape her argument. As with the above two points, note how this paragraph fits into the larger discussion. For all three points above, you will need to reference the article using APA format. You will likely want to quote directly from it, but even if you are only paraphrasing you will need to cite what you paraphrase. For this topic, please try to pick paragraphs that are different from what your classmates have picked. You don't need to have three different ones, but there isn't any reason why any two people should have the same three paragraphs. Below is the article.
Your task for this topic, however, is more analytical. I want you to examine the essay and find three paragraphs (there are 50 overall). Here are the instructions for the paragraphs. For your first paragraph, find one that features an anecdote (we'll talk about this, but it's a story that's used to help illustrate an argument).
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