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The relationship between empathy and stigma towards an individual with Schizophrenia

Hello, I need only an introduction for a lab report. There are 2 aims: – Aim 1: The relationship between empathy and stigma towards an individual with Schizophrenia – Aim 2: The effect of symptom severity on stigma towards Schizophrenia The task might sound easy but it is not as it should be a university standard and everything should be referenced APA style. The word count should be 900~1100 words. I need an experienced writer, who is expert in writing lab reports and has a good background knowledge in psychology. It is also very important that the deadline is kept. I will provide sources from which the information can be taken. I repeat again, absolutely everything should be referenced the APA style so if you are not familiar with it, please don’t text. Also if you don’t have psychology and lab reports background it is pointless as if the conditions of the task are not met, you will not get paid and you also get a bad review and waste both yours and my time. I need someone who will start working on the assignment immediately and will work only on it. If you have read all of this and you are confident that you can do it, please say ‘I have read everything’ before you say hi. I will provide all the necessary information needed.
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