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WEEK5 HIS203Historical Essay #3: William Ellery Channing and John O’Sullivan

Historical Essay #3: William Ellery Channing and John O’Sullivan Photo by Wikipedia (open in new window) Assignment Overview History is the process of understanding texts and their contexts. We learn about history through the documents and artifacts left by those who came before us. The historical essays in this course provide the opportunity to analyze a variety of primary source documents in order to engage with the context of key historical figures. This third essay investigates the notion of America’s manifest destiny through the lens of expansion and the conflicts in Texas and Mexico; you will read and interpret writings from William Ellery Channing and John O’Sullivan. Assignment Instructions Review the following, The William Ellery Channing and John O’Sullivan presentation (opens in a new window). The William Ellery Channing- A Letter on the Annexation of Texas to the United States... [DOWNLOAD] The John O'Sullivan in "Annexation," 1845 [DOWNLOAD] Respond to the following questions in a cohesive essay, with an introduction, a series of body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Be sure to use short, direct quotes from the documents to back up your ideas; avoid over-quoting. Summarize Channing’s arguments against annexation. How does he frame his objections? What does he believe will be the ultimate consequences if America continues on the path of annexation? Summarize O’Sullivan’s arguments for annexation. How does he frame his support for such a move? How does he see the future of America? Evaluate the arguments made by the two men. How do you think the fact that Americans ultimately sided with O’Sullivan, not only on the question of Texas but in other instances of taking over land from other peoples, has affected the destiny of our nation? In other words, did American behavior at this point in our history shape American assumptions about its place in the world for later generations? Assignment Requirements 900-1200 word essay Written in Times New Roman 12-point font and double spaced. Cites the course resources in proper APA formatting. Communicates with clarity and coherence. Contains minimal spelling, punctuation, and capitalization errors. (SEE LINK BELOW)
Historical Essay #3: William Ellery Channing and John O’Sullivan Photo by Wikipedia (open in new window) Assignment Overview History is the process of understanding texts and their contexts. We learn about history through the documents and artifacts left by those who came before us. The historical essays in this course provide the opportunity to analyze a variety of primary source documents in order to engage with the context of key historical figures. This third essay investigates the notion of America’s manifest destiny through the lens of expansion and the conflicts in Texas and Mexico; you will read and interpret writings from William Ellery Channing and John O’Sullivan.
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