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Week 5 | History Presentation Topic Approval Forum

Week 5 | History Presentation Topic Approval Forum Use this forum to submit your History Presentation topics for approval. Please review the History Presentation Overview (below) for further details. History Presentation Overview Complete a History Presentation on some aspect of world history such as a historical figure, events, places, cultural changes, and religious movements. This can take the form of either a: Online Presentation using GoogleSlides (of 10-12 slides); Short research paper of 2-3 pages; Original poem; Fictionalized contemporary letter or diary entry of about 3 pages in length. All online presentations using GoogleSlides must be in APA format, include source citations, and a works cited page. Submit a copy by following the submission instructions below and submit online presentations using GoogleSlides on the discussion board for Week 7 for discussion by the class. Tutorials for Creating a GoogleSlide How to Create a GoogleSlide Presentation (video opens in a new window). Tutorials for Creating a GoogleSlide Below
Week 5 | History Presentation Topic Approval Forum Use this forum to submit your History Presentation topics for approval. Please review the History Presentation Overview (below) for further details. History Presentation Overview Complete a History Presentation on some aspect of world history such as a historical figure, events, places, cultural changes, and religious movements. This can take the form of either a: Online Presentation using GoogleSlides (of 10-12 slides); Short research paper of 2-3 pages; Original poem; Fictionalized contemporary letter or diary entry of about 3 pages in length.
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