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You and your teammates work for a company that provides IT solutions for small businesse

i want to get a D on it i am working on the case 1 Case Studies 1: Photography Company For your major group assignment, you and your teammates work for a company that provides IT solutions for small businesses. As a group, you will need to select one of the three case studies provided, and write a short (1,000-1,500 word) proposal that will meet their needs. This will require you to provide a background summary, description of the IT problem that the selected business faces, and offer a solution that will meet their needs. You will need to research hardware and software, and the final solution will need to specify budget, costs, hardware, operating system, software and networking requirements. You will also need to justify your decisions. The assignment must be completed on the Wiki that will be provided, and will need to be properly formatted and referenced. There are three checkpoints, and a mark will be assigned at each one. Each group member will need to be able to show their contributions towards the overall project, and marks may be moderated based on individual participation. Harvard referencing needed
i want to get a D on it i am working on the case 1 Case Studies 1: Photography Company For your major group assignment, you and your teammates work for a company that provides IT solutions for small businesses. As a group, you will need to select one of the three case studies provided, and write a short (1,000-1,500 word) proposal that will meet their needs. This will require you to provide a background summary, description of the IT problem that the selected business faces, and offer a solution that will meet their needs. You will need to research hardware and software, and the final solution will need to specify budget, costs, hardware, operating system, software and networking requirements.
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