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Nurse Practitioners: Home Care and Barriers to Practice

Policy Issue-Healthcare Problem-Public Policy Issue. Government Response-You will identify what the government's response to this problem has been; what has been done, in terms of laws, rules, regulations or programs. If the issues has never been addressed you will discuss what needs to be done. Assessment-Assess the legislative and policy-making strategies that influence health care services. Proposed Bill-You will propose a bill, either on the State or Federal level, advancing your proposed change. Advocacy-You will advocate why these changes are important and discuss what opportunities nurses have to become involved in the design of this program. Implementation-You will discuss how the program can be implemented. Summary-Summary of the project. AD HOC-Use this page for additional information you may want to add to your WebQuest
Policy Issue-Healthcare Problem-Public Policy Issue. Government Response-You will identify what the government's response to this problem has been; what has been done, in terms of laws, rules, regulations or programs. If the issues has never been addressed you will discuss what needs to be done. Assessment-Assess the legislative and policy-making strategies that influence health care services.
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