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Bake me a Cake: The Rights of Homosexual Consumers vs. Private Business Owners

I attend a Christian based school. So the paper would need to include some biblical references. Required to research a current ethical issue and submit a 5-6 page report. The emphasis of this paper is to thoroughly describe a current ethical concern in light of our class readings and discussions and Christian worldview. Your sources should be from respected, recognized resources. Blogs and similar internet sources should generally be avoided; instead, use Milligan’s extensive online databases. Your paper will be graded based upon: Quality of research (25%); Quality, thoroughness of summary of the issue and articles (25%); Specific integrations/analysis in light of class discussions/readings/Christian worldview (25%); Miscellaneous (opinion, creativity, organization, grammar, spelling, length) (25%). This paper will be due on the last day of class. Paper Guidelines • Your paper should be an objective, balanced discussion of the issue (this isn’t a persuasive paper). However, I do ask that you include an opinion section at the end - one, half-page paragraph is what I am looking for. The opinion section can double as your conclusion. • If you are discussing a legal or political topic, be sure that you don’t just discuss the legal/political aspects; incorporate a thorough discussion of the ethical issues as well. • Use Times New Roman, 12-point font, double-spaced, with 1-inch margins, numbered pages, and appropriate citations (endnotes are fine, but won’t be included in the page number calculation). • Papers are to be submitted to the professor by midnight of the date due. Late papers will be reduced by one full letter grade per day. • Avoid overuse of quotes - they should only be used when the specific language is absolutely necessary; block quotes should generally be avoided altogether. • Do not plagiarize - here are some strategies to avoid plagiarism: ◦ When using another author’s exact words, put them in quotes, and cite accordingly. ◦ Paraphrase another’s ideas. This involves more than merely changing a few words or phrases around. Read your source, then cover it up and then write out the ideas in your own words. You still give credit for the other author’s ideas, but now the words should be your own. Compare your work with the original to be sure you have not accidentally borrowed any words or phrases. • Avoid the use of the first person (“I”) except in the opinion section of your paper.
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