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Qualitative Analysis of Functional Groups Assignment

I need this assignment as soon as possible and it should be with compounds number 1,3,7,11,15 and you can find the feature of these compounds in these links:
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Resistance Behind Bars: The Struggles of Incarcerated Women by Victoria Law
You must write a 1,000 word paper about a book of your choice. The topic of the book must relate to victims. It may be one of the books on the list below, or you can choose your own book, but I must approve the book before you read it and write about it. A high-scoring paper will spend a short time summarizing the book (a paragraph or two), and spend the majority of the paper..
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Please discuss this question: 1. What do you see as the biggest challenge to a state's sovereignty from the emergence of transnational law? Be sure to include a current event item from an internet news source and the attached documents to illustrate your answer.
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6,500 years ago, a ‘kick-start’ of sorts is given to human society by the discovery of agriculture. What followed has been called the Neolithic Revolution, because it occurred during the final phase of the so called Stone Age. An end-result of the Neolithic Revolution or the Agricultural Revolution as it should be called was permanent residence and the foundation..
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Topics to choose from Read the list of possible topics to write on (see the list below). Choose one topic from the list. 1. Arguing the advantages and disadvantages of married couples having children early in their marriage vs. late. Take into account personal, biological, economic, religious, and societal issues that people wrestle with when determining..
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Essay question : "In infancy, the child had no fear of its doll coming to life, it may even have desired it" (SIGMUND FREUD). In your opinion, is Freud right to suggest that the source of the feeling of the uncanny is often not an infantile fear but a repressed infantile wish? Essay needs to contain and focus on at least one of more texts dealt in the term. It would be interesting..
Title of my assignment is in instructions, it is longer than 110 characters
deadline is on 15th of january, 14:00 pm UK time Topic: Pick a practice or event (war, security, terrorism, migration, development*) in international politics and critically explore what work language (discourse) and representation are doing for how, and what, we might think about it. In other words, what is discourse/representation doing in a international..
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This will be my dissertation so i have 5 questions for my dissertation to answer as a chapters so i need a lot of references and-the research will use secondary data. The main sources of secondary data will be books, NGO’s manuals, annual general reports of NGO’s, journals, newspapers and relevant websites...
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 explain, in outline, the law on the age at which judges must retire  explain why someone might legitimately hold the opinion that the retirement age for judges should be increased to 75, and why someone might hold contrary views on this issue  set out your own views on this issue; and  note, in relation to any issue or problem which might be addressed by raising..
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NEED IT IN 12 hours Once the ethical dilemma was identified and all the relevant stakeholders discerned, you are to apply two ethical frameworks, that you have chosen (and which suitability for this ethical dilemma you have defended), to the moral dilemma to argue what is the right thing to do from their perspective. Evaluate what would be the morally appropriate..
Do you know cardiovascular disease is a chronic disease?
Please assist on the request. A research paper 10 pages (double space, font size; 12 and font; Times New Roman). Should use at least 5 references. Please cite references in the text. You may use numbering or APA style for citations in the text and all the references you use in the text, should appear in the reference list at the end of the paper. Thank you..
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Project Background: Rationale for selection – importance and potential impact of the strategic project for an organisation or business sector. Word Guide approximately 500 Literature Review: Identification of the key aspects of the business literature (e.g service quality) to be underpin the study. This review should briefly cover the main ideas and business..
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Successful healthcare organizations emphasize attracting human resource assets (people) and aggressively seek to resolve and prevent high employee turnover. Understanding the key components surrounding the importance of measuring employee turnover, learning how it affects patient care, and realizing what is needed to retain quality employees is..
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Research the topic and confirm what scholar's believe: Did Shakespeare really write all society gives him cred
Write a research paper using the current (2009)MLA format for written research paper. A Minimum of five full pages,Six in text citation from at least four different sources, A work cited page,Double space, Time New Roman font using size 12,Do not use first person singular or plural personal pronoun, I or we,except if it is used in a quote you cite.Dont not use second..
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"Describe a current event or societal issue and how you feel OT could impact the situation."
hi, this paper is to apply to a grad school. this is the topic "Describe a current event or societal issue and how you feel OT could impact the situation." i want this paper to be about how OT can help seniors to leave thier daily living, and how OT can be venefitial to them.
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