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Scenario planning and organizational sustainability

I need : 1) Introduction to use it in my research to publish it in referee journal indexed (scopus) 2) No plagiarism and unique (not used before) 3) More than 5 references per page 4) Write the page number when you use references in paragraphs 5) No grammar mistake 6) Attach the references that using in this paper as pdf files and send it to me with the work. 7) Use recent References 2012 + 8) attach the pdf of these references Example Nowadays technology is becoming an important and critical factor for organizational competitiveness (Balatesh,2015 :11) …….
I need : 1) Introduction to use it in my research to publish it in referee journal indexed (scopus) 2) No plagiarism and unique (not used before) 3) More than 5 references per page 4) Write the page number when you use references in paragraphs 5) No grammar mistake 6) Attach the references that using in this paper as pdf files and send it to me with the work. 7) Use recent References 2012 + 8) attach the pdf of these references Example Nowadays technology is becoming an important and critical factor for organizational competitiveness (Balatesh,2015 :11) …….
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