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The Beginnings of Civilization in the Ancient Near East

6,500 years ago, a ‘kick-start’ of sorts is given to human society by the discovery of agriculture. What followed has been called the Neolithic Revolution, because it occurred during the final phase of the so called Stone Age. An end-result of the Neolithic Revolution or the Agricultural Revolution as it should be called was permanent residence and the foundation of cities. Civilization came with the City. Writing, commerce, organized religion, central authority, were all developments of City Life. To what extend did city culture contribute to the establishment of a permanent sense of world order? How did this new understanding of the world help create empires?
6,500 years ago, a ‘kick-start’ of sorts is given to human society by the discovery of agriculture. What followed has been called the Neolithic Revolution, because it occurred during the final phase of the so called Stone Age. An end-result of the Neolithic Revolution or the Agricultural Revolution as it should be called was permanent residence and the foundation of cities. Civilization came with the City.
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