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Explain the significance of the institution of slavery on American history.

Format— 10% Your paper must be size 12, Times New Roman font, No more than 1 inch margins Double spaced. You must use proper spelling Proper grammar. You must write in the past tense always—history took place in the past, not the present. You must avoid using “passive voice”. You must write in a formal, academic style. It must be stapled It must have page numbers. It must be at least 5 full pages in length Sources— 20% You must use at least 3 primary source documents You must use at least 3 academic secondary source documents. These must be the work of legitimate historians (an actual book or journal article—something pulled off will not cut it). You may not use the internet for any secondary sources—only primary sources. This is to ensure that the sources are of academic quality. The exception is a real published book or journal article that happens to be online- on the library's database of journals for instance. If you use the internet for secondary material, cite it, but know it won't count towards your number of sources. If you use a primary source online, cite the primary source first, including the original author and original date, then the website you found it on. Your textbook does not count towards your required number of secondary sources. You must make use of a variety of sources—do not use one source 50 times, while you use the others 1-2 times each. You must cite your sources with footnotes, using Turabian, or Chicago format. You must include a bibliography of works cited. Every item in your bibliography must have been cited in your paper. If you paraphrase information, you must still include a citation at the end of the sentence. Failure to do so may result in an F for plagiarism. If you directly quote information, you must put it in quotation marks, or block quotes (see below) along with a citation at the end of the quote. Failure to do so may result in an F for plagiarism. For any quote 3 lines or longer, you must use block quotes. This is single space, with the entire quote indented. See the turabian style guide linked in the website for more details. Content---- 70% •You must have a strong, clear thesis (argument) from the beginning. •It is obvious this is an essay and not a report. •You must consistently and effectively support your thesis throughout your paper. •Your support is backed up by citations of historical evidence or historian’s writings. •Your evidence and logical deductions are always sound. •You address and challenge sources that contradict your argument. •You avoid vague statements and generalities •You must be convincing, without seeming blatantly biased (which is why a variety of sources is strongly recommended). •You must finish with a strong conclusion.
Format— 10% Your paper must be size 12, Times New Roman font, No more than 1 inch margins Double spaced. You must use proper spelling Proper grammar. You must write in the past tense always—history took place in the past, not the present. You must avoid using “passive voice”.
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