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Does sending your child to private school make you a bad person?

I am not sure about the title and am open to ideas. Article Chosen is attached. From my instructor : NOTE: As with previous essays, your submission must be between 500 and 1000 words (not including your name, the essay's title, the Works Cited page, etc.). Please include a word count near the top of the page. Overview This assignment begins with a premise: disagreeing effectively is an under-rated academic skill, one that carries substantial importance to your effectiveness as a communicator. Often, in other words, students assume that the best approach to writing well is to track down someone smart and agree with that person. That's not entirely a bad thing; however, by itself, this approach may not fully develop the critical-thinking skills that your other classes, and your eventual workplace, will require. Often, your thinking and writing are sharpened by your ability to articulate why you disagree with someone else. Thus, for this essay, locate an article that expresses an opinion with which you disagree (at least for the most part--as Graff and Birkenstein discuss in chapter 4 of They Say, I Say, in some cases it's more complicated than simply "agreeing" or "disagreeing"). You may begin with this list of articles, each of which expresses a clear opinion with which many people might not agree. However, you also have the option of using an article of your choice. (In either case, you should correctly cite your selected article in your essay, as well as including a Works Cited page at the end.) Your first paragraph should provide a brief, neutral summary of the argument that you think is incorrect and, briefly, will explain why you disagree--indicating the line of reasoning that you'll pursue more fully in the paragraphs that follow. Additional Guidelines In some ways, this essay will be similar to the "summary and response" approach of Essay 2: your reader should receive from your essay a clear sense of what the original article says as well as your response to it. I'd encourage you to begin with an introductory paragraph that provides an overview of the question at hand (e.g., whether the minimum wage should be raised), briefly summarizes the perspective stated in the article, and then delivers your thesis--the basic reason why you think that perspective is incorrect. Then, in the following paragraphs, summarize and evaluate the reasoning of the article. It's critically important that you summarize the opposing view in a fair way: if its author were to read your account, s/he should be able to say "Yes, that's an accurate description of my viewpoint." In other words, be careful not to distort the opposing view, making it seem weaker than it really is, and also make sure that you include the article's most important points. Don't leave out evidence that could make a difference in how your readers understand the issue, even (or especially) if you find that evidence inconvenient. Having summarized a key point, assess whether or not it's convincing. It may be that you find the author to be correct in some respects--even though you don't agree with the article's conclusions overall. On the other hand, if you find a point unconvincing, try to explain why it's unconvincing in a way that other readers can easily understand. You may find it useful to review the following list of logical fallacies--errors in reasoning that your "naysayer" (the person you're responding to) may have made. Also, of course, you should try to avoid using any of these fallacies yourself. More Instructions: As explained in the assignment guidelines, for this essay you must respond to one article with which you disagree. I've included, below, a list of articles that express strong and/or debatable opinions. There is no assumption about whether you agree or disagree with any of the opinions expressed in the articles; instead, they are intended to provide you with a spectrum of opinions that may be useful to consider for Essay 4. Again, do not choose an article you personally agree with--this assignment emphasizes the under-rated academic skill of disagreeing effectively. In addition to the list below, you are welcome to locate any published (print or online) article that you disagree with, and use it instead. In either case, whether using one of the articles below or supplying your own, don't assume that your reader is familiar with the argument it expresses: provide enough of a summary that the article's viewpoint, and your reasons for disagreeing with it, will be clear to your readers.
I am not sure about the title and am open to ideas. Article Chosen is attached. From my instructor : NOTE: As with previous essays, your submission must be between 500 and 1000 words (not including your name, the essay's title, the Works Cited page, etc.). Please include a word count near the top of the page.
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