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Electrical Engineering Project I just need a report in the next 5 hours

Design, and test an op-amp circuit to implement the following equation: Vout = 2(V1)-3(V2) + 4 Note: Constraints: you are only allowed to use 4 power supplies (+15 Volts, -15 volts, V1 and V2). Therefore, you should figure out how to implement the third required constant input (-5V, +4v,or -4V) using one of the four available power supplies. Note: Op-Amp circuits operate best when you connect large resistors across them. Therefore, make sure that your resistors are in the Kilo ohms range (5K ohms or above up to 50 K ohms). Note: Extra points will be given for the first two groups who come up with a design that uses the fewest number of Op-Amps to implement the circuit. This design might require that you use an Inverting Summing Amplifier instead of the Non-Inverting Summing Amplifier. Read chapter 6.7 for more information. See figure 6.6.1 and section 6.7 for more information regarding the steps required to design the circuit. 1. Demonstration of a working circuit: I need to see your Electronics Workbench printout with the results showing the expected voltage outputs for at least 2 voltage combination of V1 and V2 during your demo. 2. A detailed report (similar to a lab report) that includes See the file " Project Grading Rubric"to see what is expected in your report!!!! You need to answer all the questions listed in the rubric.- A schematic from Workbench (showing the output for at least four different values ofV1 and V2). - Derivation of equations and selection of resistors. All resistors should be at least several hundred ohms. - An introduction, theory, procedure, discussion, conclusion sections * I am going to attach the design that I have done. You just have to write the report according to the attachments
Design, and test an op-amp circuit to implement the following equation: Vout = 2(V1)-3(V2) + 4 Note: Constraints: you are only allowed to use 4 power supplies (+15 Volts, -15 volts, V1 and V2). Therefore, you should figure out how to implement the third required constant input (-5V, +4v,or -4V) using one of the four available power supplies. Note: Op-Amp circuits operate best when you connect large resistors across them. Therefore, make sure that your resistors are in the Kilo ohms range (5K ohms or above up to 50 K ohms).
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