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Brand Globalisation on Australian Luxury Fashion Brand

The Report addresses the concept of brand globalisation of GENTLE MONSTER in the luxury sector. It covers the aspects of global marketing and evaluates the marketing strategies, which a brand GENTLE MONSTER chooses to employ in order to gain presence and form an identity in the international arena. In order to understand the global branding, take look into the brand concept from an international perspective. Undertake a detailed analysis as to what makes it successful; what cultural, social or historical factors have made the Gentle Monster what it is? How and why is it successful? Is the concept of luxury portrayed differently within this culture? If so, how? Devise a marketing campaign that for Gentle Monster, which would make enahance its global standing. This could be within the same or a different international territory, or it could build upon a social trend or political movement that you think is relevant now. Research using WGSN, The Business of Fashion, Mintel, Emerald and Verdict to identify a suitable brand and something new and exciting happening within your chosen product sector as an exciting starting point.
The Report addresses the concept of brand globalisation of GENTLE MONSTER in the luxury sector. It covers the aspects of global marketing and evaluates the marketing strategies, which a brand GENTLE MONSTER chooses to employ in order to gain presence and form an identity in the international arena. In order to understand the global branding, take look into the brand concept from an international perspective. Undertake a detailed analysis as to what makes it successful; what cultural, social or historical factors have made the Gentle Monster what it is?
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