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SUBJECT AREA Computer Science
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CREATED ON 28th December 2017
COMPLETED ON 31st December 2017
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Select and justify a software development methodology and language for a Skytower Pizza

see attached file Skytower Pizza management determined that a complete re-write of the pizza management application is the best business decision. Senior management also determined that bringing an outside consultant in to run the software development process was appropriate given the knowledge, skills, and abilities of the existing internal staff. You are that consultant. Select and justify a software development methodology and language (or languages). Identify and describe all stakeholders. Identify and justify the following items: team type and make up, required internal resources, any areas where existing internal staff are inadequate, risks associated with the project, and migrations to identified risks. Instructions: Write a 2000-2500 word academic paper. The paper should be follow APA formatting, including a cover page and references. References should primarily be from peer-reviewed sources; a minimum of 10 references should be cited.
see attached file Skytower Pizza management determined that a complete re-write of the pizza management application is the best business decision. Senior management also determined that bringing an outside consultant in to run the software development process was appropriate given the knowledge, skills, and abilities of the existing internal staff. You are that consultant. Select and justify a software development methodology and language (or languages).
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