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Defend the Nicene Creed's claim that Jesus is equal with the Father using biblical theology.

n 2,000-2,200 words, defend the Nicene Creed's claim that Jesus is equal with the Father using biblical theology. Include the following: Briefly describe two major arguments for the existence of God. Where in the Old Testament theology are creation and forgiveness of sin activities exclusively reserved for God? Explain key New Testament texts that associate Jesus with creation and forgiveness, thereby identifying him with the Father. Using a proper theological methodology, explain the Nicene Creed's identification of the Son with the Father as "homoousios," of the same being, also, showing that the Spirit is "homoousios" with the Father as well. Use at least two biblical commentaries, one from the Old Testament and one from the New Testament, to help validate your exegesis. Need no later than 8pm Pacific time 12/25/17
n 2,000-2,200 words, defend the Nicene Creed's claim that Jesus is equal with the Father using biblical theology. Include the following: Briefly describe two major arguments for the existence of God. Where in the Old Testament theology are creation and forgiveness of sin activities exclusively reserved for God? Explain key New Testament texts that associate Jesus with creation and forgiveness, thereby identifying him with the Father.
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