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Women's and gender studies: gender equality is possible

Requirements for the Advocacy Essay: (1) Choose a topic (e.g., social, cultural, historical issues, etc.) that you think is important, one about you have strong views. Search an appropriate amount of time researching- and summarizing- the most important arguments on each side of this issue. (2) Support your stance with concrete evidence. Your essay should include all of the following: identify the importance of the issue; summarize your position/ stance on it; provide specific statistics, research, or other evidence to support your position.
Requirements for the Advocacy Essay: (1) Choose a topic (e.g., social, cultural, historical issues, etc.) that you think is important, one about you have strong views. Search an appropriate amount of time researching- and summarizing- the most important arguments on each side of this issue. (2) Support your stance with concrete evidence. Your essay should include all of the following: identify the importance of the issue; summarize your position/ stance on it; provide specific statistics, research, or other evidence to support your position.
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