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Research Activities

3 x Research Activity and short answer questions. Presentation The following template should be followed: TOPIC # DATE: when did you do this TASK: what is the information required RESPONSE: in your own words what did you discover (DO NOT TRANSCRIBE or QUOTE) REFERENCE: what sources did you consult ESSENTIAL CONTEXTUAL INFORMATION: (NB: provide once only either at the start or conclusion of the task) area of professional study (Social Work/Welfare,) your politico-legal jurisdiction (State - NSW Australia) TOPIC 1: Construction of Child Abuse - Inadequate and ineffective parenting, care and responsibility for children and young people (Neglect) Research Task: Content For Case Study A 1. Research via Austlii the legislative classification of Child Neglect in NSW’s Child Protection Legislation. Then consider the policy or practice definitions for Neglect offered by NSW's Child Protection Agency. 2. How would you as a professional identify neglect? - apply this to the case study if it helps (would Sarah and Timothy be considered neglected children?) 3. Check out the statistical information on neglect in the AIHW site. Is there anything about this information that surprises or alarms or contradicts your previous view? 4. Finally consider how this information 'fits' with the definitions and ideas discussed in your readings. TOPIC 2: The Construction of Child Abuse - Violence toward Children and Young People Research task: Content For Case Study B 1. Use the Austlii weblink to identify how physical abuse is defined in NSW child protection law. 2. Compare this with the definition of assault in your jurisdictions Crimes Act. Then specifically look up the NSW legislation within the Crimes Act 1900 Part 9A section 61 about acceptable and unacceptable physical punishment of children. 3. What do the laws say about chastisement and its legality? 4. Look up what the Children’s Rights Information Network has to say about physical punishment of children and also consider the ideas discussed in your readings or look up in the Research Resource what the state of the current debate about physical chastisement of children. For Case Study C 1. Look at the available statistical information for Sexual Abuse Assault of Children in Australia as reported by AIHW. 2. Identify the significance of age and gender in the data about who is abused. 3. What does the report say about who abuses children and young people sexually? 4. How does this compare with the practice information for NSW’s Child Protection Agency? 5. Do a quick search of the CAFA Exchange for recent articles about sexual abuse, you do not have to read the articles but note what the focus of the articles is about? 6. What are the Rights of Children and Young People to be free from sexual abuse, look up via the Policy link to CRIN. TOPIC 3: Child Abuse and Child Protection: - An Orientation to historical and contemporary themes in child abuse and child protection Research task: Content For Case Study D 1. Examine the relevant legislation for NSW about Child protection to identify what (if anything it says about children and young people being protected from Domestic Violence. 2. Compare this with the Policy/Practice information for child protection in NSW? 3. What do the Statistics reported by AIHW say about emotional abuse and psychological harm in Australia? 4. How significant an issue is it in Australia based purely on the statistical information? Do you agree or disagree - you may want to consider some of your readings or research the topic via CAFA Exchange. 5. Finally: discuss your discoveries, what about child abuse has been confirmed for you, what has shifted or changed for you and how? What other observations would make about perception of the problem and existence of the problem?
3 x Research Activity and short answer questions.
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July 19, 2016
July 20, 2016
This order has already been completed on Studybay
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