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The Tempest and King Lear both by William Shakespeare

compare and contrast one play with another. Answer any one of the questions. The response should be approximately eight to ten paragraphs long (a brief intro paragraph with strong thesis statement, six to eight body paragraphs, and a brief concluding paragraph). Do not summarize plot or describe the works, but analyze and synthesize them. Both The Tempest and King Lear embody the process of suffering, punishment, and redemption. But is the nature of this process similar or different in the two plays? Why? In other words, choosing two characters from each play, explain which characters go through this process and why, if the characters deserve it, and if they are similar to or differ from one another. Be sure that your answer is unified, not just four separate analyses that demonstrate no overall cohesiveness--be sure you compare the characters based on a shared set of contrasts or likenesses.
compare and contrast one play with another. Answer any one of the questions. The response should be approximately eight to ten paragraphs long (a brief intro paragraph with strong thesis statement, six to eight body paragraphs, and a brief concluding paragraph). Do not summarize plot or describe the works, but analyze and synthesize them.
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