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Social Problem - Social Science Online Exam Help with Chatting

30 MC Questions Plus 2 Short Questions and 1 Essay Question Mainly about Sociological Prospectives (Conflict Theory, Functionalism, and interactionism on Some social Problems Like Sexual Orientation, Races, policies ...
30 MC Questions Plus 2 Short Questions and 1 Essay Question Mainly about Sociological Prospectives (Conflict Theory, Functionalism, and interactionism on Some social Problems Like Sexual Orientation, Races, policies ...
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You may only use these source no more than these sources I repeat just the sources Primary Sources "Letter from Birmingham Jail” by Martin Luther King, Jr. Murphree, V. D. (2004). Black power: Public Relations and Social Change in the 1960s. American Journalism, 21(3), 13–32. Secondary Sources Robert C. Weaver, "The Negro as an American" (1963) Leon F. Litwack,..
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