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Turnitin ASSIGNMENT: A4: Reading / Discussion Questions Assignment 4 (Example)

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Name Institution Lecturer Date Question1. Pleasure involves the feelings of enhancing happy enjoyment and satisfaction. Contemplation involves the art of having a deep look at something at a considerate period. Judgement on the other hand focuses on giving suggestions ideas and decisions on something. Therefore in appreciating excellence and beauty one can either have deep thoughts over the kind of beauty that he sees and how it is formed or enjoy the beauty that it offers. Beauty can also be criticised or praised based on the basic objectives of the observer. Question 2 Aesthetics can be defined as an art of and beauty in something or someone. Art involves creating or building something to enhance the imaginative skills to attract the appreciation of people because of its beauty. Criticism occurs when giving either positive or negative judgement over what is created through art and hat the art shows. Question what brings about class struggle. Question 14 Nozick and Harpers who were regarded as political philosophers justified the government is trying to set up limits for the state. They tried to convince the people that the acceptance of their minimal state would help in fostering a framework that would constellate communities having some sorts of utopia. Question 15 Looking at distributive justice theories Nozick talks on the priority given to the individual’s rights as Rawls prioritise equality. The view of Rauls on justice is moderate and easily unjustifiable. He asserts that the most fabric of any given political community is only to the just society that operates with maximum rights being given to all. Nozick on the other hand believes that it’s immoral on the state's engagement in distributing its well-being from the rich to the poor. To him the government should have no interference with the existing distribution channels. [...]

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Answer the following questions, Be sure to number your answers, so they correspond with the questions. Each answer to each question should be at least one paragraph or more. Answers may come from only two sources, your textbook and your mind. No work should be submitted from Internet or other sources. See the sample in Getting Started for an example of what is required. Be sure to use standard English grammar and spelling. 1-Explain the connections between pleasure, contemplation, and judgment in aesthetic appreciation. 2-Explain how aesthetics, art, and criticism are interrelated. 3-Evaluate David Hume’s view regarding art criticism 4-Articulate the notion of ‘truth’ in art criticism. 5-Explain if it is possible to have agreement about aesthetic judgments and if that is a problem. 6-Explain the elements of any moral dilemma: the act, the consequences of the act, and the moral agent. 7-Critically analyze the false starts in moral philosophy including relativism and Divine Command. 8-Discuss the practical and logical problems with Aquinas’ Natural Law moral theory. 9-Explain how ethics can be said to be always personal and often political. 10-Compare and contrast various views of Hobbes and Locke on the state of nature and natural rights. 11-Explain and evaluate Rousseau’s criticism of both Hobbes and Locke regarding the state of nature. 12-Explain the difference between the labor theory of property and labor theory of value. 13-Explain and evaluate Karl Marx’s analysis of class struggle as presented in his Communist Manifesto. 14-Explain the views of Nozick and Hospers regarding legitimate laws and the role of government. 15-Compare and contrast Rawls and Nozick on justice. (I WILL PROVIDE CHAPTERS ATTACHMENTS IN THE MORNING) I would need this assignment done as soon as you can finish it. thanks again for your amazing work

Subject Area: Philosophy

Document Type: Paraphrasing

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