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Research Paper The right to health of indigenous people with a focus on women

RESEARCH PAPER INSTRUCTIONS For this assignment, choose a public health problem and investigate at least 2 different, current approaches to the problem from the peer-reviewed public health literature. Write a 7–10-page research paper that thoroughly covers the research you discovered. You must also identify these approaches and evaluate them against biblical and ethical standards. You may not use websites, Wikipedia, newspapers, or popular literature as sources for information. Include a reference page of at least 5 references from your updated annotated bibliography assignment and a cover page to include the following: title, name, student ID, course number, and date. Your paper must be in current AMA format. Include the following in your paper: • Importance of the problem with support from social, environmental, epidemiological, biostatistical, and administrative evidences. • Importance of community/population based interventions. • Solution to the problem based on your review of the evidences found. • Scripture to support the biblical worldview you include in your paper.
RESEARCH PAPER INSTRUCTIONS For this assignment, choose a public health problem and investigate at least 2 different, current approaches to the problem from the peer-reviewed public health literature. Write a 7–10-page research paper that thoroughly covers the research you discovered. You must also identify these approaches and evaluate them against biblical and ethical standards. You may not use websites, Wikipedia, newspapers, or popular literature as sources for information.
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