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Romantic Period Paper- The Norton Anthology of English Literature

Minimum 8 full pages (not counting works cited page), maximum 10 pages, and use at least five credible sources to support your thesis driven essay. When I say thesis driven, I mean that you should assert in the first paragraph what aspect of the work or theme you will be exploring. What is the work about, or what does it say to you? Identifying the theme of the story/poem/drama you are writing about is your thesis, which should appear in your introductory paragraph. In the body of the paper (where you support your thesis), make specific references to the text by either quoting or paraphrasing it, and also try to include your five sources enough but not overuse them. Make it a goal to cite each of the five critical sources at least twice within your paper (parenthetical citation). You must write the paper on one of the works we are reading in the course. Try to figure out which text interests you and let me know early on what you decide. I will be happy to help you organize your ideas or even work out your thesis. Also, your essay must be a literary criticism on a literary text, not a history paper or biographical paper. Step One: Identify which story/poem/drama you will analyze Step Two: Figure out your thesis (what is the theme of the story/poem/drama?) Step Three: Do your research, using databases and reference material available through the CCM library to find five critical sources Step Four: Organize your thoughts and supporting arguments by constructing an outline if you wish Step Five: Write the essay, producing a literary criticism based on your thesis idea (the theme), and incorporating quotes from the story and the five critical sources to support your points Step Six: Revise the essay a bunch of times Text: Greenblatt, et al, eds. The Norton Anthology of English Literature: The Major Authors. Vol 2. 9th Edition. New York: Norton, 2013. The Romantic Period is one of the 5 works in which I chose to write about.
Minimum 8 full pages (not counting works cited page), maximum 10 pages, and use at least five credible sources to support your thesis driven essay. When I say thesis driven, I mean that you should assert in the first paragraph what aspect of the work or theme you will be exploring. What is the work about, or what does it say to you? Identifying the theme of the story/poem/drama you are writing about is your thesis, which should appear in your introductory paragraph.
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