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Self-Analysis on ENGL1143 Course Name Institution affiliate Date Self-Analysis on ENGL1143 Course Engineering courses degrees are among the most marketable degrees across the world today. Many institutions are offering the courses due to the high number of students willing to enroll in doing engineering. Currently I am undertaking ENGL1143 course whose goals include the following. Working more efficiently both as an individual or collaboratively creating a variety of documents specific for technical disciplines such as memos transmittal and cover letters original graphics lab reports and project report reports show skills in standard English usage necessary for reaching scientific Apart from creating a variety of documents specific to technical disciplines I developed the ability to work more effectively either as an individual or as a group as well as the demonstration of enhanced communication skills. The course has helped me improve my writing and communication skills as well as improving my critical thinking. The knowledge that I developed will help me in solving critical issues in my career and making significant decisions therefore revolutionizing the digital world. References Jay. “Individual Recommendation Report.” 14 Oct 2017. ---. “Letter of Enquiry.” 11 Sept 2017. ---. “Memo.” 24 Sep. 2017. [...]

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Self-Reflective Essay Write a typed, 1-2 page, original self-analysis essay in which you argue whether or not you met the goals of ENGL 1143. The goals are listed below:  Work more effectively, both individually and collaboratively.  Create a variety of documents specific to technical disciplines: memos, cover & transmittal letters, original graphics, lab reports, and project reports.  Show skills in Standard English usage necessary for reaching scientific audiences.  Use correct APA format and citation.  Present the results of mathematical calculations in clear, appropriate graphic formats.  Analyze ethical and legal situations for technical writers. multimedia, oral presentations  Conduct detailed research on a single topic.  Demonstrate enhanced communication skills through collaborative, multimedia presentations. NOTE:  Using at least 3 major pieces of your writing from this semester, support the above points with specific examples. Possible Outline in Classical Argument: This self-analysis is your final piece of persuasive writing for the course and should showcase the best of your abilities as an academic writer. Implement the skills you have developed during the semester. I. Introduction:  Your introduction should grab the reader’s attention and introduce the course goals for ENGL 1143. Briefly discuss your writing experience and the process you have experienced up to now.  It should contain an analytical thesis in the form of a claim that clearly argues your position on how well you have met the course objectives.  The thesis might look like the following: “In ENGL 1143, I was successful because I met a majority of the course goals, including competence and effective communication, analysis, argumentation, and quantitative analysis skills; however, problems with personal responsibility caused some struggles.” NOTE: This is not THE claim you must use; it is a simply a possibility. II. Body:  The body of the essay will support your claim through multiple paragraphs.  You must use examples from at-lease three major assignments you completed this semester: Letter of Inquiry, Professional Memo, Graphic Creation and Analysis, Individual Recommendation Report, Group Proposal, & Group Presentation. Add in-text parenthetical citations. Section 1. Section 2a. Section 2b.         Explain whether or not you were, overall, successful in meeting the goals of the course. For example, if you were successful in the course, you will have a paragraph about your communication skills: State your strongest skills supported by multiple examples from different essays you have written. Address your other skills/successes in the same way. Explain the opposition to your claim. Present where your skills are lacking, providing evidence from your writing. For example, if your use of evidence was weak, explain that it was under- developed and give multiple examples that illustrate this point. Were you able to overcome this weakness? If not, explain why your weakness was not developed throughout the course. Was this a personal responsibility issue or is this a skill that still needs more work? III. Conclusion  Discuss what your progress this semester reveals about you as a writer, student, researcher, and critical thinker.  Suggest how you can apply the knowledge and skills you developed in this class to future classes and/or to your career. In-Text Citations and Reference List  The Self-Analysis Argument must include in-text citations and a references page (APA) for all pieces of writing you referred to in the essay.  Yes, you will be documenting your own work. In-text citations should look like the following:  (Your last name. “Shortened title of the paper being cited.” Type of paper. Page number). To illustrate: (Shaw-Tillmon, “SAPA...” First Draft 3).  For the reference list, list works alphabetically by title. (Remember to ignore articles like A, An, and The when listing your sources alphabetically; however, you still need to include them in the title.)  Provide the author’s name in last name, first name format for the first entry only. For each subsequent entry by the same author, use three hyphens and a period: Snyder, Benjamin. “Group Proposal.” 1 Nov 2016. ---.“Individual Recommendation Report.” 10 Oct 2016. ---. “Letter of Inquiry.” 14 Sep. 2016.

Subject Area: Computer Science

Document Type: Reports

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