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Write about a hardship, including pain and suffering (look at instructions for full title)

Hello, Please make up a story that sounds plausible about one of my "friends" going through a hardship. The instructions are below. I have grown up in London, England, so write about one of my friends there. Write about a hardship, including pain and suffering, that you experienced, OR write about a hardship, including pain and suffering, that you have witnessed another (person or thing) experience; you may have been the cause of this hardship experienced by another, or not. Requirements: • use at least one course text (Singer, Sontag, and/or Tolstoy), by quoting it at least once (attached) - include at least one research source (scholarly or popular), by quoting from it at least once; a dictionary definition nor Wikipedia (nor its kind) does not count;, however, does • have a Works Cited list Important: • no thesis is necessary for this paper, but you will find the essay easier to write if you have a premise, argument, or idea motivating your exploration • include BOTH narration and description in this paper; narration involves a story, with a beginning, middle, and end; description means being as specific and exact as possible, with concrete details; use precise wording that appeals to the senses, to show instead of telling Also: Use MLA format throughout, including page numbers and a title. Format authors’ names and text titles correctly (Sontagbook chapter; Singeran article; Tolstoya story; artworks are in italics); give author’s full name for the first mention, last name thereafter. Indicate choice of prompt, in upper left-hand corner, as in Paper 3: Final (Prompt 2), below your name/course/date.
Hello, Please make up a story that sounds plausible about one of my "friends" going through a hardship. The instructions are below. I have grown up in London, England, so write about one of my friends there. Write about a hardship, including pain and suffering, that you experienced, OR write about a hardship, including pain and suffering, that you have witnessed another (person or thing) experience; you may have been the cause of this hardship experienced by another, or not.
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