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Characteristics, Uses and Origins of the Ghost Orchid

Research any plant that interests you and write a paper about its characteristics, uses, origins as well as any other interesting facts you can find. Incorporate information from your textbook and talk about the main things that you learned throughout the botany chapters (root systems, reproduction, photosynthesis, etc) Your paper must include an Abstract, Introduction, Body, Conclusion and Figures. Your paper must be double spaced and you must cite every reference used. Use APA citation method. Sources you may NOT use in this paper are Wikipedia and any other sources that are not scholarly based. I recommend searching for scholarly resources that have been peer reviewed. You may also use your textbook for citations. Your paper must be between 700 – 1000 (4 pages double spaced) words. Use 12 point font, calibri style text and include headings in your paper. Plagiarism will cause the assignment to receive a zero. Will pay extra $10 for completion today.
Research any plant that interests you and write a paper about its characteristics, uses, origins as well as any other interesting facts you can find. Incorporate information from your textbook and talk about the main things that you learned throughout the botany chapters (root systems, reproduction, photosynthesis, etc) Your paper must include an Abstract, Introduction, Body, Conclusion and Figures. Your paper must be double spaced and you must cite every reference used. Use APA citation method.
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