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Research-Based Paper: Chinua Achebe’s “Idea of the Novel”

These are the exact instructions: -Your final paper of the semester requires you to use a minimum of three college-level secondary sources and outside research to describe the African novelist Chinua Achebe’s theory of the novel as a genre and an art form and then to discuss how the novel Things Fall Apart, our last major reading requirement of the semester, is a specific example of Achebe’s theory of the novel in action: use specific evidence or elements from Things Fall Apart to show how that work is the kind of novel Achebe believes should be written. In other words, your outside research should be aimed at putting together Achebe’s “theory of the novel” through reading essays or interviews where he describes his views: put together a concise but accurate description of Achebe’s idea of the novel as an art form, one grounded in the sources you have read and one that you can then prove through a reading of Things Fall Apart. In class, you will be exposed to some of Achebe’s statements on the art of the novel, art or literature’s relationship to the real world, the role of the novelist, the role of the African novelist writing about Africa, etc. and we will use Achebe’s famous essay “An Image of Africa” to arrive at some of his ideas about these and related topics. And I will model how one might start to read Things Fall Apart as a way of representing Africa in literature (something that Achebe discusses in his essays). Moreover, I have put Achebe’s essay collection Morning Yet on Creation Day on reserve in the library. Morning Yet on Creation Day has many very good essays by Achebe for arriving at his ideas regarding the novel as a genre. “Colonialist Criticism,” “The Novelist as Teacher,” and “Thoughts on the African Novel” are among some of the useful essays in that book. (Any one essay from that collection would count as one of your three sources.) It needs to be a minimum of six (3) pages, not counting your MLA Works Cited page. You are required to use a minimum of three (6) secondary research sources in addition to Things Fall Apart. These outside sources must be college-level, acceptably academic ones
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