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Lesson plan , My Father Knows the Names of Things by Jane Yolen

(REMEMBER: When designing your questions [items 8-10], include the page numbers in the author’s book that correspond to the question.) 1. Title and Author 2. Genre 3. Summary of the book 4. Age group for which this book would be appropriate and reasoning behind this decision. 5. Common Core Learning Standard(s) that would be supported by this book (Write out the full wording of the Standard(s) selected.) 6. How you might introduce this book to students? 7. Write a fact-based question (include page number). 8. Write an inference-based question (include page number). 9. Write an open-ended question (include page number). 10. Describe a follow-up activity in which each child would need to use language (reading, writing, verbal communication) to demonstrate how he/she has met the Standard(s) you selected for using this book.
(REMEMBER: When designing your questions [items 8-10], include the page numbers in the author’s book that correspond to the question.) 1. Title and Author 2. Genre 3. Summary of the book 4.
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