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Why long term mating is better then short term mating

5-10 cites , introduce your research question explain to the reader why this question is significant and why it is worth taking a look at. 2 narrow your research question in terms of he studies you will be citing 3 describer each study you cite in detail 4 compare an evaluate the studies. 4 pages 6 all together including the cover page and cite page. it is apa style and you have to argue why long term mating is better then short term with peer reviewed articles to back it up
5-10 cites , introduce your research question explain to the reader why this question is significant and why it is worth taking a look at. 2 narrow your research question in terms of he studies you will be citing 3 describer each study you cite in detail 4 compare an evaluate the studies. 4 pages 6 all together including the cover page and cite page.
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