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Primate analysis 2 (Example)

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Student Name: Date:Class #: Prosimian Species Provide the common name and scientific name of the chosen primate. Common name is arboreal Scientific name lemur Taxonomy List the taxonomic levels of this primate species (only those applicable) ONLY use class taxonomy Suborder: prosimili Infraorder: Simiiformes Parvorder: Catarrhini Superfamily: Haplorhini Family: Lemuridae Subfamily: Lemur Tribe: Lemur catta Social organization Social Organization of this species (e.g. monogamous polyandrous). What could be the possible reasons for this type of social organization? (remember the various factors discussed in class) The lemur lives together in small groups and move around with one another. The groups of these families have males that are dominated by the females. The major reason for this type of the social organization is that they try to protect themselves from any danger and help each other during the time of need (Ehrlich 1974). Life-Histories Gestation Length for this species. Interbirth Interval common ancestor – keep it within the order primates (e.g. DON’T use things like mammary glands five digits etc.; use traits that identify them all as primates but separate them from other mammals). Dentition which is generalized. Lack specialization in diet. Their limb structure is flexible and generalized (Pollick & De Waal 2007). Bonus Points Why did you choose this primate species? It is a dominant species in primates. Bibliography 1. Cacchione T. Call J. & Zingg R. (2009). Gravity and solidity in four great ape species (Gorilla gorilla Pongo pygmaeus Pan troglodytes Pan paniscus): vertical and horizontal variations of the table task. Journal of Comparative Psychology  123(2) 168. 2. Suwa G. Kono R. T. Katoh S. Asfaw B. & Beyene Y. (2007). Gorillas’ evolution. Nature  448(7156) 921-924. 3. Pollick A. S. & De Waal F. B. (2007). Ape gestures and language evolution. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences  104(19) 8184-8189. [...]

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Its due in dec 2 11pm. Please make sure to read all instructions and do not forget to cite your sources.Check the sample that is included in the folder.

Subject Area: Anthropology

Document Type: Research Paper

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