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What would functionalist and conflict perspectives have to say about concentration of power in societies?

To write an individual term paper of no more than 2,000 words (around 8 double-spaced, type-written pages). You should do extensive literature search and reading, in addition to using the prescribed and suggested reading materials under each lecture topic. The paper should be properly referenced and plagiarism will be seriously penalized. Be critical, analytical and / or argumentative, never be descriptive. Make it sociologically sensible, i.e., relate it to the social, economic and / or political aspects instead of just talking about the problem / issue itself only; use a particular sociological approach and the so-called sociological imagination (“the ability to perceive the crucial connection between the individual and the society in which he/she lives: between personal concerns and troubles and the broader social context that provides the origin and context of private experience”.) E.g. : Democracy seldom exists without the presence of the so-called Middle Class.
To write an individual term paper of no more than 2,000 words (around 8 double-spaced, type-written pages). You should do extensive literature search and reading, in addition to using the prescribed and suggested reading materials under each lecture topic. The paper should be properly referenced and plagiarism will be seriously penalized. Be critical, analytical and / or argumentative, never be descriptive.
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